Indian Army Ready to Face Chinese Army | Latest News

Indian Army Ready to Face Chinese Army | Latest News

China, which spreads the Covid-19 epidemic around the world. Due to which, many countries like Australia and US unite against China. China continues to threaten its neighboring countries also. At the same time, China showing aggressive aggression with India.  Even before this, China has dared to declare India’s land as its own and India has responded to it with its diplomacy all the time.

In recent times China seen an increase in aggression against India. India and Chinese soldiers are standing opposite each other on the eastern Ladakh border, while the Indian Army is not in a mood to retreat from it’s territory.

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The dispute between India and China on the border is nothing new, but this time Prime Minister Narendra Modi has prepared a diplomacy and strategy cycle with the national security advisor of the country, Mr. Ajit Doval.

The Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat and the Chief of the Navy, Army and Air Force have formulated their plan strategy on the disputed area between China and India. It has been cleared by the Army that they are ready to respond to any daring of China and will not retreat even one inch from the ground.

At the same time, China has also started increasing its army presence and has made temporary tents between 80 and 100 in the disputed area and has also deployed military equipment as well. The Indian Army has also fully geared up to counter China and the Indian Army has also set up it’s army in disputed area equal to China with military equipment.

On the other hand, India has given a clear message to china that now India will not repeat the 1962 and China may suffer heavy loss and India is no longer the former like 1962. After the Modi government, India gain it’s military strength and modernize Army, Navy and Air Force frequently. 

The same China is also anxious to see the aggressive form of India because India has never shown such aggressive before to China.

China is stands like an accused in front of the world community on charges of spreading the Covid-19. Other countries of the world have advocated the imposition of economic sanctions on China, which has made China in trouble. Talking about the same thing as China’s neighboring country Taiwan, it has also ensured India that it will support India in any case. Due to which, China has been deeply shocked and angry with India.

If the war happens between India and China. The international community will be in favor of India, because this world knows how clever and greedy trickster China is.

China is also worried about this because the US is troubling it in the South China Sea and the US stands as a trusted partner at every step of India.  China is now also facing the economic situation of spreading the Covid-19 epidemic. Thousands of manufacturing companies other countries based in China are looking to leave. Many of US an Korean companies choose India as manufacturing hub. 

But China has to understand that India is not in the mood to take even a step back, because after the arrival of Modi government, India has increased its military equipment significantly and also increased the defense budget. The Government already gives strong message to china over dispute in Ladakh.

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