Indian IT Company Wipro Will Give Big Gifts to Its Employees, Employees Will Get Promotion And Rewards Every Three Months


Wipro: The demand for digitally skilled technology expertise has been outpacing supply for the past several quarters, which has resulted in a significant level of job losses within the IT industry. However, Indian IT company Wipro is now prepared to give its staff a significant gift. Every three months, Wipro intends to award its staff promotions. The business also intends to recognize its top performers. This will begin for the company’s employees in July of next year. (Read more:- Sushmita Sen And Lalit Modi’s Affair)

Why Did Wipro Take This Decision?

A representative for Wipro announced that the business has made the decision to provide quarterly promotions to the top achievers up to the middle management level. Analysts claim that any comments on the pattern of job losses should be taken seriously because the yearly quarterly workforce for the IT sector is declining. According to a spokeswoman for Wipro, the business has made the decision to award quarterly promotions to the top achievers up to the middle management level.

Over the previous few quarters, there has been a significant dropout rate in the IT industry. The demand for technological professionals with digital capabilities is outpacing the supply due to growing labor expenses. Talent attraction, staff training, and employee retention are given top priority due to the rising demand. The IT sector’s yearly quarterly workforce is declining, and researchers warn that any statements about the trend of job losses should be taken carefully.

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Lost Employee Jobs Due to Technological Advancement: Wipro

In a press conference following the Q1 results, he stated last week that Wipro and TCS’ IT services had year-over-year growth of 19.7 percent in the first quarter of the current fiscal. The spike in attrition was attributed by TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan to seasonality, and the business anticipates lower rates later in the year. Attrition is seasonal as juniors go for their studies in Q1. H2 is anticipated to slow the pace of decline.

He said the present employment loss is just transitory since it resulted from last year’s higher demand; thus, he anticipates it to be smaller as demand and supply balance. In order to keep their employees, Indian IT businesses must pay substantial talent retention costs, including retention bonuses, out-of-cycle pay modifications, increments, and other costs that have an impact on profits. TCS stated that its yearly compensation rise, the higher management cost of talent turnover, and the gradual normalization of travel expenditures were the causes of the drop in its Q1FY23 operating margin of 23.1 percent.

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