Indian Railway Latest News – Indian Railway Shuts all Its Trains till 31st March Due to Corona Virus

indian railway latest news

Indian Railway Latest News – Recently there has been news from New Delhi in which the Railway Ministry has closed Railways Service across the country till 31st March due to Corona Virus. Recently there was speculation that some planning will be taken into action by the Department of Railways on Coronavirus affect.

PM Modi addressed India on Corona Virus 

Recently, PM Modi had called for a nationwide public curfew  (JANTA CURFEW) on March 22 (today), across the country. In which he sought support from peoples for making the Janata curfew success and And PM Modi also demanded to people that adopt the necessary precautions to safe from Corona Infections.

Indian Railways is the most populated transportation facility and Millions Of Indians travel across the country daily. So there is very much more chance that Corona Virus could spread among the people.

Railways have just released the notifications, in which they have released the list of cancel trains and the notification also states that the passengers, who have booked the trains, they will get their refund on time. Talking about the same Bengal, the Bengal government has also closed all the metros stations till 31 March.

Government and People ready to fight with Corona Virus

The steps taken by the government are very tough but it was also necessary because the cases of compassion virus have increased in a few weeks due to which a huge epidemic can spread across India.

PM Modi Ji, in his address to the nation recently, appealed to the people to please stay in their homes and take special care of cleaning, avoid crowded places, avoid going to the Malls, Market or other crowded places.

It is not that the Indian government has just started all the preparations on the Corona Virus recently. When the virus spread rapidly in China. Then the Indian government together with the people, often for the awareness of the Corona Virus.

TRAI sets the Callertunes on every mobile user “how to safe from Corona Virus”.

The Telecom Authority of India (TRAI) set the caller tune on the mobile of all people in the country. Due to which, People very well aware and take precautions timely to get the safe from Corona Virus.

This kind of measure taken by the Indian government, Corona Virus is on the second stage and there are few cases of Corona in the country. If you compare it with other countries like the USA, Britain, Spain, Italy, China, Pakistan, and Iran.


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