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Corona Virus cases are increasing in Madhya Pradesh and in recent times the number of Corona Virus positive people in India has increased considerably after the case of Nizamuddin.

Talking about the same city of Indore, it has become the center of the Corona Virus. Where patients are constantly growing. Due to which the government is looking very serious and there is a kind of fear among the people.

But the Madhya Pradesh government has instructed people to follow the guidelines suggested by the government and appealed to everyone that stays at their home.

On Thursday, 2 patients suffering from coronavirus died, whose age is being told between 54 and 65 years. Talking about the total number of people who died in Madhya Pradesh, it has become 8 due to COVID-19.

In a few days, there has been a continuous increase in the number of Carona Virus. One of the reasons is being considered as Tablighi Jamaat because it was attended by people from all over the world and parts of India.

Out of which 6 people have died, because of the COVID – 19 virus. There are several people who are currently undergoing treatment or have been isolated.

At the same time, six people died in Telangana due to the Corona Virus and later it was found out that all these people had joined the Tablighi Jamaat in Delhi.

 As we know that due to Corona Virus, people are lockdown and curfew is imposed all over the country. The government is repeatedly appealing to people to stay in their homes.

So that the epidemic can be stopped but many people not understood the situation. Due to which the government is facing a lot of difficulty in stopping this epidemic.

As a responsible news magazine, we appeal to the people to follow the directions given by the government and stay in their homes to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

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