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Instagram Updates:- The world’s famous social media photo sharing website and app Instagram has recently made some of their new features and their trials were going on for a long time. The social media company periodically brings various updates to enhance its user experience, these updates further increase the user experience and easy handling is done.

Now, people will get this as an update by sometimes. Some of updates are already roll out to this app. In this article we well going to tell about the latest updates and features of Instagram app.

Main Features – Instagram

The company has announced some of features. Like one of the main features is announced by the company that you can easily delete 25 comments at same time. There is also a feature that you can block multiple accounts easily.

The some of features has been under trial and it will soon roll out as soon as possible. Company also said that, the user those who have million or billion followers will get better user experience after this update. It will create a positive environment for users and account holders.

Some of the other feature likes You Tube

  • Tag Features
  • Caption
  • Story etc.

As we know that in You Tube videos admin can easily pin or highlight a comment, so now Instagram is will also going to add this same feature in Instagram.

Benefits of Instagram Features or Updates

Simply, the bulk comment delete feature will go a long way in preventing trollers. Because, if someone thinks that people are trying to troll by commenting them in bulk. They can quickly delete many comments.

This feature has been released for both Android and iOS users. The special thing is that the new update also has a feature that users will be able to decide who can tag them and who does not.

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