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Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

Get the best Instant Approval Article Submission Sites List for December 2020. This list will provide you do follow, High DA, PA, High MOZ Rank sites list for off page SEO submissions. Before that get into the list, just explore why you need the article on Instant article submission sites? and what is the importance of the same?

What are the benefits of article submission sites? What is an authority website that actually approved your articles on their sites and why?

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

So just begin with…

What are Instant Approval Article Submission Sites?

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites are the portal that gives you the permission to post your article or content on their website and gives you instant approval. This website is mostly high DA, PA and has good MOZ ranking as well.

Most of these sites are very useful. If you get any high DA/PA website, it could be great for your blog or website. It will help you to increase traffic to website and good domain authority.

Why do we need Instant Approval Article Submission Sites?

If you are looking to instant approval article submission sites. So, first of all you have to understand what are the benefits of the same. So here, I am going to clear this, instant approval article submission sites can boost or help you to get organic traffic. And also improve your SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) ranking. Afterwards, you can get  a good amount of traffic.

How to write an article for Instant Approval Article Submission Sites?

This question is very common between the newbies. As this is very simple, like other things on off page SEO. If you get the best instant approval article submission sites list. So you have to also post a good quality article on their portal too. Because, if your article is copied or not matched to their quality. So they will not approve your article.

Below are some important things that you remember before submitting an article article submission sites.

  • Article length should be 350 to 1000.
  • Content is unique.
  • No Adult Content
  • Article will be Informational
  • Article not to relate violence or adult content.
  • Don’t insert spam links.
  • Article should be SEO Friendly, make sure the article is neat and clean with some identical images.

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

Is there any skills required to write an SEO Friendly article?

There are no additional skills required in writing an SEO Friendly article. But you have to know basic things about the topic and how you can give explanations on that. So it will be quite easy for a person to write an article.

Also  you can take ideas from various sources over the internet related to your topics. Many people use the article writing tools and spinning software. But, these things do not work in the real world.

Now, Google and websites are much smarter than you think. They will identify the scrap content in seconds and all your time will be wasted, maybe the submission portal that you want to submit your content is blocked by you due to bad practice.

What are the best instant approval article submission sites?

There is a huge collection of instant approval article submission sites posted by the bloggers and websites. You can choose but, if you want instant ranking and wants quality links. So you have to analyze the site before submitting any article on the article submission sites.

Good Amount of Traffic

Whenever you are going to post an article on instant approval article submission sites, you have to firstly check, the site is getting enough traffic or not. Because, if an article submission site does not have sufficient organic traffic or any type of traffic. So, it will not to be a good thing for your blog or website. 

Because, if nobody clicks on the link that you provide in the article, how could Google Search engine recognize the back link. In short, you will not get the quality link that is needed to rank on SERPs. So, before article submission, kindly analyze the traffic of websites that you are going to choose.

Domain Age

Age is also a very important factor in SEO Ranking. If you get a do follow or no follow link from a new website, is not much more effective. Instead of getting links from new domains, you have to give priority to old domains. It will be more helpful to get the SEO ranking benefits. 

High Domain and Page Authority

Whenever we land over on a website, we first notice their Domain Authority and Page Authority. Domain Authority and Page Authority is developed by the MOZ, SEO tool company.

The Domain Authority and Page Authority is ranked from 0 to 100. Higher the authority of the website, a good signal of quality in the SEO world. If you find high Domain authority and page authority  instant approval article submission sites.

So it could be very effective and you will get instant ranking after indexing of the back link that is taken from submission sites.

Spam Score

The spam score is another major concern in SEO’s. If you take a back link from a high spamming score website. So it will not be a good remark for your website. As your website is also considered Spam by the google search engine or bots.

Before checking in the website, take a look at Spam Score. You can check this online as various tools like MOZ or websites are displayed the same via help their tools.

So this is the some important thing to know in your mind before article submission. 

Instant Approval Article Submission Sites

What are niche based instant approval article submission sites?

Niche based article submission sites are those websites, who have similar topics like your blog or websites. Niche website will gives you the instant ranking and organic traffic. This kind of websites is highly considered by the top SEO’s experts. As most of these top SEO experts advised to post the article on websites, those who related to your website topic.

Below is the list of top 80+ instant approval article submission sites 2020

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I use one word that nothing is impossible. Finding the best article submission sites  is easy. But many of us failed to get the approved articles on article submission sites, due to some reasons. Before submitting your article to high authority websites, you have to keep these things in your mind:-

  • Write a Good quality content
  • Article length should be 350 to 800 words between.
  • Avoid Copied Article.
  • Avoid more than two anchor links in your post.
  • Don’t use irrelevant or 3rd party links in your article.

If you avoid above mentioned things, so there is 100% chances to get the approval from submission website.

Hope you enjoy my article. If you do find any incorrect information, please ping me once. I will sure change the same and apologize.

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Last Updated- 26 December 2020

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