International Yoga Day 14th June| Know About International Yoga Day

Yoga Day

International Yoga Day is being celebrated all over the world today. Every year Yoga Day is celebrated all over the world on 21st June. And it is also called. That yoga is also going on with human corporeality. The declaration of celebrating 21 June as Yoga Day was made by the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 2014. And since then this day is celebrated as Yoga Day.

International Yoga Day is celebrated in India and all over the world on 21st June. Every year on the occasion of this day, public functions are organized on a large scale all over the world. In which many people take part. But due to Coronavirus since last year, on this day this program is being organized in digital and virtual ways.

Beginning of Yoga with Human Civilization

According to historians, human beings have been doing yoga since their time immemorial. Yoga originated thousands of years ago. According to the Puranas, Mahadev Shiva of the Hindu religion is considered to be the first yogi of this world.

And the guru of yoga also considers Lord Shiva only. According to the explanation of Rigveda Yoga, one of the sacred texts of Hinduism, we can unite our mind, mind, and our body with the power of yoga.

Why Do We Celebrate Yoga Day Only on21st June?

21 June was declared as International Yoga Day by the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 2014. After doing this, June 21 is celebrated as Yoga Day.

There is another reason behind making 21st June International Yoga Day, because 21st June is the longest day of the year, and the sun stays the longest on this day. For this reason, June 21 was celebrated as International Yoga Day. Every year on this day many celebrations are organized all over the world.

And as you all know that Yoga is nothing less than a boon for the human body. If you all do yoga, then you all must know about its benefits. If you also do yoga, then you may not get any disease quickly.

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