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Is BlueStacks Safe ?| APP REVIEW | AUGUST 2019 |

is bluestacks safe

Is BlueStacks Safe? This question constantly crawling in my mind. And I Trying to figure out the same. After spending a couple of time over on the Internet. I just Download the BlueStacks on my laptop and start using it.

After one week of usage, BlueStakes on my PC. I feel very impressive about this application. It’s easy to use as my Android phone. I will share my personal experience with you all.

Let’s get start

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What is BlueStacks? (Is BlueStacks Safe ?)

First of all, we need to identify what kind of this application is and what is the uses of this application. BlueStacks it’s making up a platform that can help you to run Android mobile apps on your windows and Mac operating systems.

is bluestacks safe

It’s mainly used for Android gaming. Which is help you to run your favorite Android games on your PC or laptop? It’s founded in 2009. More than 200 million people around the globe using this platform. Blue stake is founded by Rosen Sharma, Jay Vaishnav, Suman Saraf in 2009. Currently, the CEO of the company is Rosen Sharma. Its headquarter in San Francisco, United States.

Their main source of income through advertising channels. This company also get the awards for Best Innovators in 2012 and Best Software CES in 2012.

BlueStakes latest version in 2019

It’s initial release for Mac on 27 June 2012. They release the Alpha-1 version. After that beta version was released on 27 December 2012. The company is constantly developing a better User experience platform. Latest Android emulator released by the company was BlueStacks 4 64 -Bit Beta version. This will allow a user a better experience in terms of performance and more efficient memory usage. It gives you faster gameplay and better graphics.

is bluestacks safe

Is BlueStacks Safe or Not? Security Concerns!

BlueStacks is 100% safe as the company claimed from starting. I am also using this. I didn’t find any security or spamming related things in the same. But many users are claiming on the online community that BlueStacks is not safe in terms of security and privacy. McAfee and Avast top computer security antivirus detect BlueStacks as thereat to your Computer or laptop. Sometimes these antivirus support applications show that your files infected due to BlueStacks. But I didn’t feel anything wrong in my PC.

is bluestacks safe

But, I noticed that whenever you installed BlueStacks into your PC or laptop, it will give notification to you that disable your antivirus. Many positive users of BlueStacks perform the scanning of this application into top security scanners but no of use because they didn’t find any suspicious activity or malware in BlueStacks. But we recommend to you that if you want to download BlueStacks. So just go to their official website not over to on 3rd party website.

Where to Download BlueStacks?

You just have to visit the BlueStacks official website. Where you can see on the home page download button. Just click on the download tab and it will start downloading. We recommend that if you want to download BlueStacks, so just keep trust on their official website. Because we heard through online communities, 3rd parties BlueStacks is modified and it can harm your PC or laptop. So just Beware!

If you want to download the BlueStacks, you can click and download from this Link (BlueStacks Download).

The specification required for better performance of BlueStacks!

Yes, If you want to sleekly run BlueStacks on PC or laptop. So you just required the desired specification as claimed by the company.

The specification required:-

  • Window 7 or higher version of Window
  • RAM should be more than 2 GB. If higher RAM in PC so you able to get good experience in the gaming.
  • 4 to 5 GB Hard Disk Space
  • Latest Graphics Card from Microsoft or any other Chipset manufacturing company.
  • Intel or AMD process is sufficient. But this is the minimum requirement. If you have i3 or i5, so, it’s giving you a much more efficient experience in the gaming.
Why we Need BlueStacks in our PC or laptop!

As many people love to play android games, but lots of time many users want to play android games on a big screen like your laptop or PC. And you already know that android apps not compatible with windows. Many android apps are useful in daily uses and if you want to use this android app in your PC or laptop. You just need to install BlueStacks. So that’s the reason we need to download BlueStacks.


BlueStacks is very easy to use application. As I downloaded the same from official Website of BlueStacks. I just love it! Thanks to BlueStack!

So after reading this article, you will able to know your answer about “Is BlueStacks safe”?

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