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The whole world is locked down due to Corona virus and it is also seeing a significant impact in India, so far in India more than 6000 Corona Virus are positive and about 170 people have died from it.

As last month, PM Modi had asked the whole people of India to pledge to observe 21 days of lock downs. Now the lock down of 21 days is going to end, many of rumors are spreading in the news that lock down will extended to 30th April.

The Orissa government has extended the period of lock down in its state to 30th April and has also asked the central government to stop Air and Train transportation.

With this, Orissa has become the first state in the country which has implemented the lock down till 30th April. Also, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has called for the closure of educational institutions till June. The Government of Orissa has taken this decision at a time when a meeting can be held on behalf of the Central Government to take such decisions.

If we talk about the same thing, then this disease is now becoming a rare and serious form of the virus, due to which millions of people have been affected by it all over the world and many thousands of people have died so far. There is no authentic medicine that can stop this virus.

The only way to stop this virus is the ongoing quarantine, due to which India and other countries been locked down and it is proving to be effective, until a vaccine or medicine is made, then the lock down remains the only option to avoid this disease.

To fight this disease across the world, many countries are working with each other to make its medicines.

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