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The Yogi government has launched an online platform named “Jansunwai Portal” to help people settled in other states and to move out of Uttar Pradesh. This portal has been created keeping in mind those who want to go out of Uttar Pradesh or come back from another state to Uttar Pradesh.

Jansunwai portal will be available for registration from 12:00 noon today. Along with this, some guidelines have also been issued to use this portal. As we all know, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has issued better guidelines in the state to deal with the Corona Virus epidemic, which has resulted in better.

After the activation of this portal, people will be able to get back home and go to other states. As we know, the transportation was completely closed due to the locked down. You can also download the Jansunwai app on your mobile and register your personal information like name address, Aadhar card number, health details etc.

On this app you will also have to give information about your health. And family and If your any family member previously quarantine. So you have to put their information in the app and this all information are mandatory. After some time you will be made aware of the regular facility by the government to take you back to home.

But keep in mind that the Yogi government has also stated that your successful registration does not guarantee that you can travel. You will be able to travel only if you get the final approval.

If any person gives wrong information on the registration portal then legal action will be taken against him under the Pandemic Act and the Disaster Management Act.

A few days ago, the State Governments had raised the demand from the Center that what concrete steps are taken to bring back their migrant laborers. After which the Central Government and the State Government set up a committee to take steps towards to bring back its migrant laborers.

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