Johnson Baby Powder: Johnson Finally Decided to Discontinue Its Superhit Baby Powder

Johnson Baby Powder

There must be millions of mothers who have at some point used Johnson & Johnson baby powder on their kids. The goods of this UK juggernaut were formerly seen as being relatively safe for young children. In India as well, this company’s products have gained a lot of popularity. However, you won’t be able to buy this company’s Johnson Baby Powder (a talc-based baby powder) on the market in the following year. Johnson & Johnson has made the decision to discontinue selling this powder globally in 2023. On Thursday, the business provided this information. The business said that in place of talc-based Johnson baby powder, it will sell cornstarch-based baby powder everywhere. The business discontinued selling more than two years ago.

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In October, J&J Company Withdrew From Its Subsidiary

LTL Management, a J&J company, was split off in October. Absent ongoing litigation, the corporation filed for bankruptcy right away. Johnson & Johnson should defend itself against the cases, according to the claimants. The J&K and Insolvency Subsidiary Process respondents, however, contend that it is a fair method of compensating the claims. The corporation had to pay $3.5 billion in adjudication and settlement costs prior to declaring bankruptcy.

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38,000 Lawsuits Filed Against Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder

In the US and Canada, the corporation will no longer offer Johnson baby powder with talc. Let us inform you that the corporation is facing more than 38,000 legal cases. Many women said that using baby powder caused their ovarian cancer. The Johnson baby powder produced by the firm was allegedly discovered to have chemicals that cause cancer by American officials. The business, however, had refuted these claims. According to the corporation, falling sales in North America were the reason for removing that product.

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