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Julian Assange arrested in London

Julian Assange arrested in London

Nearly seven years after Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange sought refuge in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London. Ecuador revoked his asylum Thursday. Here is what has happened since.

In an indictment unsealed hours later, Assange was accused of conspiring in 2010 with Chelsea Manning. U.S. Army intelligence analyst then known as Bradley Manning and others to illegally obtain secret U.S. military and diplomatic documents whose dissemination could be used to injure the United States.

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Read the indictment unsealed against Julian Assange

In his subsequent appearance in court in London. Assange was found guilty of breaching his bail, an offense that carries a prison sentence of up to 12 months. He pleaded not guilty to the bail-jumping charge. Judge Michael Snow reprimanded Assange and said he demonstrated “the behavior of a narcissist.” The court was told that Assange resisted arrest at the Ecuadoran Embassy, shouting, “This is unlawful!”.

Assange is due to appear at a later date to be sentenced for the bail charge. He is scheduled to appear again in Westminster Magistrates’ Court via video link on May 2 regarding the extradition matter. Outside court, one of Assange’s lawyers, Jennifer Robinson, said Assange would fight extradition to the United States. She called the action against him “a dangerous precedent for all news media.” Robinson said she was seeking medical care for Assange, whose health she said has suffered during his time in the Ecuadoran Embassy.

The lawyer said Assange told her to thank his supporters and to say, “I told you so”  presumably a reference to Assange’s long-held prediction that the United States would seek his arrest and extradition. dictment, filed in federal court in March 2018 and unsealed Thursday, accuses Assange of agreeing to help Manning break a password to the Defense Department’s computer network in 2010. That, prosecutors alleged, would have allowed Manning to log in with another username. The indictment includes no evidence that the password-cracking effort actually succeeded.

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Military Data base breach by Wikileaks

Even before the password cracking. Though, Manning had given WikiLeaks hundreds of thousands of classified records, prosecutors alleged. The material allegedly included four nearly complete databases comprising 90,000 reports from the Afghanistan war. 400,000 reports from the Iraq War and 250,000 State Department cables. Manning was imprisoned for seven years for violations of the Espionage Act and other offenses. The Metropolitan Police were invited into the embassy, where they arrested him, she said.

The British government heralded the development. “Julian Assange is no hero and no one is above the law,” Jeremy Hunt, Britain’s foreign secretary, wrote on Twitter. “He has hidden from the truth for years.” Hunt said it was Assange who was “holding the Ecuadoran Embassy hostage in a situation that was absolutely intolerable for them.” He added: “So this will now be decided properly, independently by the British legal system respected throughout the world for its independence and integrity, and that is the right outcome.” He said Britain and Ecuador have been talking “for a very long time about how to resolve this situation.” He praised Ecuadoran President Lenín Moreno for making “a courageous decision, which has meant we were able to resolve the situation today.”

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