Know The Easy Way To Go Offline And Invisible On WhatsApp

Invisible On WhatsApp

The ability to hide the “online” notification that announces each access in the messenger is a feature that Invisible on WhatsApp users have been eagerly awaiting. And it appears that this tool’s release is imminent. The most recent upgrade to WhatsApp’s beta version includes a feature that enables users to browse the app anonymously when offline. The uniqueness gives the user the option of choosing whether to be invisible to all contacts or just to a subset of them.

This is a significant advancement over WhatsApp‘s previous limitations on the usage of the “Last seen” information in conversations. Contacts are unaware of when the individual last used the app when it is launched, but it doesn’t stop them from obscuring the “online” status next to their name.

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Learn Step by Step Easy Way To Become Invisible on WhatsApp

If you want to Invisible on WhatsApp, you may simply become invisible. Before we begin, let’s go through exactly how to disappear on WhatsApp. It should be noted that this new feature is still being tested on Android phones with WhatsApp Beta version v2.22.16.12.

  1. First open the Whatsapp application
  2. In the Whatsapp messenger click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the phone screen
  3. Then open the whatsapp settings, Then go to the accounts
  4. Next, choose “Privacy” before selecting “Last seen and online”;
  5. Please visit “Who can see when I’m online”;
  6. Choose who can see if you are using the app once you’re finished. “Nobody,” “My Contacts,” “My Contacts Including,” or “Everybody.”

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If you also use this method, then you can also show yourself offline. We have told you step by step how to do it yourself online. Now you can also use this method on your WhatsApp. If you like this information given by us, then you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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