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Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers 1080p For Free

Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers – Do you want to download the Kranti Kannada Movie? An action drama movie in the Kannada language is titled Kranti. The movie debuted on January 26, 2023. But, you will no longer be able to watch this movie in a theatre. Thus, if you wish to view this film.

As a result, there are several movie streaming websites online, including Netflix and Amazon Video. You may get the Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers with their assistance. These websites also have access to many movies, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, and Telugu. which you may view online thanks to these streaming websites.

But, in order to view movies online on these sites, you must become a member. Only after joining can you stream movies. You don’t have to be disappointed, though. since there are a lot of websites where you can get free movies online. This enables you to get Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers.

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Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers Full HD

Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers, Do you have any fun plans for this weekend at home? The best choice for you at that time is to watch the movie. Download your favorite movie from Tamilrockers this weekend and enjoy your weekend. We could consider downloading the popular Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers for you as a result.

Several people are trying to download the 2002 Kannada movie “Kranti” in its entirety from Tamilrockers. Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers. If you wish to download the movie as well. This movie is available for download on Tamilrockers.

A movie leak was shared by TamilRockers. You may download this movie by visiting TamilRockers’ website and clicking the supplied link. Kranti Kannada Movie may be downloaded in 720p, 480p, and 360p on TamilRockers in addition to 1080p. You may download 300MB files of movies from TamilRockers. You may use this to download the 300MB version of the Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers.

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About Kranti Kannada Movie

Kranti is a 2023 Indian action drama film in the Kannada language that was written and directed by V. Harikrishna. It was made by B. Suresha and Shylaja Nag under the banner of Media House Studio. Darshan and Rachita Ram play the main roles.

V. Harikrishna is also the composer of the soundtrack. The movie debuted on January 26, 2023. Critics gave the movie mediocre to unfavorable reviews when it first came out. The movie Kranti received its official title on September 10th, 2021. The movie was then released on October 15, 2021.

Kranti Kannada Movie All Details

Movie NameKranti
Directed byV. Harikrishna
Produced byB. Suresha, Shylaja Nag
StarringDarshan, Rachita Ram, Ravichandran
CinematographyA. Karunakar
Edited byPasha
Music byV. Harikrishna
Production CompanyMedia House Studio
Distributed byMedia house
Release date26 January 2023
Running time163 minutes
Movie BudgetApprox. 16 crores
Box office₹ 33 crores₹ 33 crores

Kranti Kannada Movie Storyline

An NRI business tycoon named Kranti Rayanna is summoned by his teacher Srikantaiah to the government school’s 100th-anniversary celebration, which he attended as a youngster and returns from Europe. But, the party is cut short as the institution collapses. Eventually, Kranti discovers that Salatari, a cunning businessman, intends to privatize 12,000 public schools by issuing a government decree with the aid of a corrupt education minister named Vaman Rao and a mobster named Narasappa.

This really resulted in numerous student deaths and teacher layoffs. Owing to these events, Kranti revolts against Salatri, Vaman Rao Narasappa, beating Narasappa’s son Nanjappa and forcing the closure of private schools in an effort to get the Chief Minister’s attention. who meets with Kranti later on.

Kranti delivers a startling statement at the gathering on the need for government schools to offer free education in order to relieve the financial strain on parents. The Chief Minister is persuaded and authorizes the renovation of public schools rather than their privatization. Subsequently, Salatri is taken into custody and Vaman Rao resigns from his post.

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Kranti Kannada Movie Download Filmyzilla

Kranti Kannada Movie Download Filmyzilla, Download Kranti Kannada movie in 720p and 1080p for free on Filmyzilla. The movie will debut on January 26, 2023. And the announcement is made before the film’s premiere. Filmyzilla has reportedly admitted to releasing this movie, according to sources.

Therefore, everybody who intends to view this film, Mr. So let’s let know that this movie could soon be streamed or downloaded from Filmyzilla’s official website. The Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers is available on Filmyzilla for free download or streaming.

Download the Kranti Kannada movie at 720p from Filmyzilla. This website has a great reputation for movie downloads. because it is simpler to use than other websites.

Kranti Kannada Movie Download In Movierulz

Kranti Kannada Movie Download In Movierulz, If you would want a free download of the Kranti Kannada movie Movierulz. Hence, Movierulz is where you can get a free download of the Kannada movie Kranti Kannada movie.

Tamil movie from 2023 called Kranti. Moreover, this film is available for download on Movierulz in Telugu, Hindi, and English dubbing. Movierulz is the best option for you if you want to get Kranti Kannada Movie Download Tamilrockers for free.

A well-known pirated website is Movierulz. Also, this website has long offered free movie download services. It’s likely that many of you have utilized our website to get free movies at some point. Also, you should be aware that this website is simpler to use than other websites.


Our website does not support or promote any kind of piracy. This article given by us is for the purpose of information only. Because piracy is a crime. And there are many strict rules for this too. You may have to pay jail or a fine for the use of pirated websites. Therefore, in our opinion, do not use any kind of piracy. And stay away from pirated websites like Tamilrockers, and stay safe.

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