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Learn from the legends of Bollywood at |


Unlu is one of the leading online platforms that allows you to learn and follow your passion and convert it into an amazing career opportunity for yourself. The vast information about your subject of interest is covered in the form of in-depth masterclasses, video lectures for step by step learning and workbooks to practice. The best part about Unlu is that you get to learn from your favourite celebrities, people who have always been an inspiration for you.

Let’s look at some of these courses offered by Bollywood legends and find the perfect match for ourselves.

1.     Monali Thakur – For all the music fans who can’t stop humming throughout the day, this online singing course by the Monali Thakur is a ‘once in a lifetime’ kind of an opportunity. The award-winning playback singer teaches all about pitching, breathing and taking care of your voice, etc. Not only the technicalities but also her experiences and techniques could help you a lot in the long run.

2.     Radhika Karle – The celebrity fitness trainer and Pilates guru is well-known for her teaching skills and is the reason behind many Bollywood celeb’s fitness. The idea of this course offered by her is to learn the right way to exercise and also the fundamentals of Pilates. People are often seen exercising in the wrong manner and taking up this course could help all the fitness enthusiasts take up their passion forward in the best way.

3.     Sania Mirza – The world-famous tennis player is also offering her experiences and learnings via a course on this platform. The course needs no promotion but still it would be better to know what it entails. Sania demonstrates all her drills, techniques, warm ups and cool downs, and gives away her secrets and experiential findings as well. Without a further ado, if you are a tennis lover, go subscribe to the course.

4.     Manoj Bajpayee – If there is any person who can make you feel comfortable and teach you acting along with its tricks and tips from Bollywood, its him. The man has been seen in many iconic roles throughout the years. In this particular course, Manoj sir has promisingly delivered all his findings on how to crack the auditions, break down and prepare the script, improvise at every move and handle the criticism positively along the way.

5.     Ruskin Bond – The legendary name has so much to offer that any course would never be enough. Still, we can say that for all the future writers, this course is a blessing. The right fit in a world full of courses and classes and workshops. The man holds more than 70 years of experience and this exclusive class on Unlu can provide the right guidance which will help you avoid a lot of mistakes and save time.

6.     Anita Nair – The course provided by Anita Nair teaches you the art of creative writing. The award-winning author imparts all the wisdom that could help you achieve your dream of writing a bestseller. The classes flow more like a journey full of insights and are not limited to a few genres. The knowledge you get from these classes will allow you to express yourself freely and fit into any genre of your choice.

7.     Johnny Lever – Who better than the man himself could teach you the art of comedy? Being a comedian is one of the most difficult careers as making someone laugh is not less than an artform. The course will let you explore the diverse field and help you understand what all goes into becoming a comedian that people love.

8.     Shashank Khaitan – The only thing left now to learn is Direction and Unlu has a course by the very famous Shashank Khaitan to teach you just that. In this step-by-step routine, the director talks about his journey and shortcomings. You get to learn about how direction ties the entire movie together and is the foundation of any film. He also talks about how to get there and deal with the ups and downs that might come your way.

9.     Siddarth Menon – We cannot ignore the importance of cryptocurrency in today’s time. And to learn from the legend would be the best way to approach it. The Co-founder and COO of the largest cryptocurrency exchange – WazirX, will teach you everything you need to know about trading and cryptocurrency. The expertise and knowledge he brings to the table should not be missed.

There are numerous courses offered by the Bollywood legends at Unlu. All of these courses provide valuable insights and are super affordable. Only at 999 rupees, you can subscribe to any of these courses. Unlu also offers creators fellowship for people you genuinely wish to make their passion their careers. You can launch your content, and build your own brand in just 3 months. For more information on the subject you can check out Unlu website.

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