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Lenovo is Going to launch its Smart Essential Clock in India Very Soon


Lenovo is soon going to launch a clock called Smart Clock Essential in India. This will be a digital clock, a table clocks. The company says that this clock will be especially for the bedrooms of the customers. In this smart essential smart clock, you will get to see many features and specifications.

A special feature of this smart essential clock is that in it you get the inbuilt Google Assistant system. With which you can connect and operate on your wi-fi. Or you can also know things related to the Internet through this clock. This smart essential clock will make many of your tasks easier.

About Lenovo

Lenovo India is a well-known mobile electronic gadgets manufacturer. For which many products you market or you must have done many products to this company. Many electronic gadgets are manufactured in Lenovo Company. The main ones are mobile phones, laptops, smart TVs, smart clocks, and other devices, which this company manufactures.

Lenovo Smart Essential Clock Price, Features, and Specifications

Lenovo Smart Essential ClockIn this smart essential clock, you are going to see many features and specifications. In which you are going to like Google Assistant very much. If you ask Google Assistant, time. So this clock will give you the answer. You can also get weather information with this smart clock.

You have to go to this clock and say Google. And what you will ask with this clock. Then it will give you a reply. You can set the time by speaking on this clock. Lenovo has provided very good quality speakers in its smart essential clock. You can listen to the audio streams of your choice. On this clock, you have the convenience of your favorite songs and radio.

The sound system of this smart clock is also of very good quality. In this smart clock, you have to speak Google. After this, you can listen to your favorite songs and live streams. If you talk about the price of this smart essential clock, then the market price of this clock is 4,499. And this smart clock will become India.

Features and Specifications List

  • Processer – Am logic A113X
  • Display – 4 inches LED Display
  • Memory – 512MB RAM and 512MB Flash
  • Audio – 3W Speakers and 2* microphones
  • Weight – 240 g
  • Color – Soft Touch Gray
  • Connectivity – 4G/5G Dual Band and Bluetooth 5.0
  • Operating Software – Google Assistant

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