Friday, June 2, 2023
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Locust terror spread in the Country| Latest News

Where the country is struggling with this epidemic of virus, in the terror of locust, the farmers of the country have lost huge amount of crops. Due to the Corona Virus. Where the economic down turn has taken place in the country due to Corona and Locked Down. 

The group of locust has created a terror across the country. In fact, this locust has destroyed crops in Punjab, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, which has caused huge losses to farmers. 

Where did these locust come from in India?

This big groups of locust has reached India via Pakistan. It has already damaged the crops of Punjab and Rajasthan and now this locust group has kept watch over Jhansi. The last 20 years, this locust did the biggest damage in 1993. Due to which, a large amount of crops were damaged.

How did the locust became too dangerous for the country

The locust is too much dangers as they eat whole farm. These species have been found in India. Locust teams spoil crops in few minutes, they are capable in flying in high speed. And this is too much helpful for locust to fly from outside the air. These grasshopper teams always fly in flocks.

These locust teams can transport it self to 19 kilo meters at an hour speed, they are able to fly more due to the flow of air. Then it has to travel up to 200 kilo meters. 

How much grasshopper teams can damage crops in 1 day

Locust who started their attacks 2 months ago, in the first place in Gujarat and Rajasthan. They slowly destroyed wheat crops, estimated 1.7 lakh hectare of area. This damage can be done in India. However, there is no estimate of how much damage can be done to these locusts.

Hope  Government will take required action to help farmers.

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