M1 iMac With Crooked Stand Delivered to Multiple Customers


Apple Company has recently launched its new M1 iMac computer. This comes with an M1 chipset. This new iMac was recently launched in the year 2021 itself. This new iMac comes with many computer colors and an attractive design. And this iMac is a little different from the curvy design of the old iMac. But within a few months of the launch of this M1 iMac, complaints from some customers started coming about this iMac.

That this iMac was delivered to him with a crooked stand. Due to which many customers got frustrated with this new iMac. Many customers are disappointed with the company due to this problem with iMac. But many other websites say that Apple has not yet accepted this.

Reviewed by YouTuber iPhonedo M1 iMac

This iMac problem was first analyzed by this YouTube iPhonedo. In which the crooked stand of the new iMac was told. This You Tuber has been shown in this video, you can watch this video on this channel Jake on this YouTube, in which it is told about the crooked stand of iMac.

This You Tuber has shown in his video the bottom garden of both sides of the iMac by measuring the surface of the table with a ruler, in which the distance between the table surface of one side of the iMac was 7.5 cm, while the other side of the iMac and The distance of the table surface was 8 cm. For this reason, the MacRumours report can be passed on to the Apple Support Community and Reddit. But now many websites say that Apple has not yet made any official confirmation from the company on this matter.


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