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Mahatma Gandhi should be honoured with Congressional Gold Medal this year

Mahatma Gandhi Symbol of Peace

Mahatma Gandhi, whose principles of non-violence inspired world leaders. Such as Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. Should be honored this year with the Congressional Gold Medal. The highest civilian award within the United States. Because the world commemorates his a hundred and fiftieth birthday. An influential American lawmaker has said.

mahatma gandhi

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney from the big apple. UN agency in September last year introduced a bill within the United States House. The representatives to posthumously gift the law-makers laurel wreath to Gandhi in recognition of his promotion of direct action. Same Gandhi has been a “truly sacred leader, historic figure”.

Carolyn Maloney

Gandhi was “transformational in numerous ways”. And thought to all or any Americans and folks across the planet. Maloney same whereas addressing the associate audience at the diplomatic building General of India in New York. At the event ‘Non Violence: A message of Lord Mahavir’ and the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi organized by the International Ahimsa Foundation USA (IAF). She said Mandela and King both attributed their philosophy of non-violence. Their leadership to Gandhi. And both are recipients of the Congressional Gold Medal. “Already national leader and theologizer King have received the medallion. It’s solely right that the sacred leader for each of them was Mahatma Gandhi. So he ought to receive this award,” Maloney same.

Carolyn Maloney

Inspiring the world to Unite

Maloney, UN agency spearheaded efforts to own the United States communicating issue the primary Diwali Stamp. Urged members of the Indian-American community to succeed in bent on. The Congress members and friends across the state to co-sponsor the legislation to honor Gandhi. With the law-makers medallion. “We are working to get the Senate sponsor. We should pass it. This year and honor his leadership and his gift to the planet.” She said, adding that “we should all work together and have a day of service during this special year for Gandhi. And to recollect him. “There isn’t enough, that we are able to do to recollect and say many thanks to Gandhi for his life’s work. For his gift of non-violent ways, in which of handling issues.” Gandhi brought independence to India with non-violence and recognizing his contributions to values in America. Maloney said she introduced the bill last year to give him the greatest honor. That can be presented by the legislature on a private. The medallion can “honor his leadership” and his gift to the planet of inspiring together with his principles of non-violence.

Mahatma Gandhi

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