Majnu Ka Tilla | Delhi Police Shifted 210 People Stuck In Majnu Ka Tilla Gurdwara

majnu ka tilla

Majnu Ka Tilla – Corona Virus cases in India have increased day by day and the death toll is also increasing.  As we know that due to Corona Virus for the last 8 days people are locked down all over India and people are being advised to stay in their houses and also people are being asked for social distance.

Majnu Ka Tilla – Delhi Police Shifted 200 people to school from Gurudwara Sahib

When Corona Positive people have been found in this mosque Nizamuddin’s Tabligi Jamat, there has been a stir all over the country. As it was attended by many people from all over India and abroad as well and out of which 24 people have been found to be Corona Virus Positive and 6 people died.

Shri Manish Sisodia has tweeted and informed about this that a total of 2308 people have been evacuated and have been hospitalized for 600 years and the rest have been kept in isolation.  

Such as the same condition of the gurudwara located at Majnu ka Tilla. In which around 200 people were locked under the Gurudwara. These all people evacuated by the Delhi police today.

If we talk about New Delhi, then in the last 1 day, new 23 Corona Positive cases have been found in Delhi. The number of Corona positive cases in the last 24 hours in the whole country is being reported at 387. Total Corona Positive cases rise to 1637 out of which 38 people died due to COVID -19.

Health Ministry, in its press conference, confessed to increasing the number of Corona Virus positive after the case of Nizamuddin Tablighi Jamaat.

At the same time, Delhi Police has shared a video on which Nizamuddin, Police officer is seen telling Maulana of Tbaligahi Jamaat about the threat and curfew due to COVID-19.

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