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Hi Everyone, and today I am discussing the few of the Android March 2020 Update came out along with a feature drop for the Google Pixel devices. Now, this is out – all supported Google pixel devices starting with the Google Pixel – 2 XL and going all the way to the 4 and 4 XL.

It’s also available usually for the essential phones the same day and then Samsung and other manufacturers will roll it out to their own devices soon. Now there’s a feature drop that goes along with this.

So I’m going to cover March Pixel Android Update 2020 over all the new features and then go over all the updates. Now I had to sideload this, so this was about 1 and a half to 2 gigabytes because. This available and you’ll see it says up-to-date version.

In this particular update is a huge amount of security updates fixes improvements all sorts of things. So let’s start with the first one.

New Gesture while playing Vide and Songs on Android March 2020 Update

The first one has to do with something they actually showed in the Android 11 preview and that is if you’re playing something playing a song or video, you can see the new gesture on the pixel 4 and for Excel to pause the song.

Now it doesn’t seem to work right now, it worked on Android 11.

Car Crash Detection

The next update is for car crash detection. It rolls out for the pixel for in Australia in the UK it’s also in the United States. So if you go into the personal safety app. Here you’ll see that you can turn on car crash detection.

So it will turn it on you can say try a demo and then says see and hear what happens when your phone detects a car crash make sure your volume is up.

So you’ll see we’ll turn it up a little bit we’ll hit start and it says detected and then you can hit I’m okay or 911 Oh crash minor crash. So it’s kind of neat it’s a nice safety feature and if you want to use it it’s there so that’s nice that they’ve added it.

Google Due Update

Another update is related to Google Duo. Theirs is some new update, that they’ve added for AR or augmented reality. So let’s go into a duo and if we go into duo here you’ll see will go here and now you can see some effects.

So there are some new effects here as well all sorts of things that you can add and it tracks your face really well they’re kind of goofy but they work pretty well and they’re there if you want to use them so those have been added

Forward Facing Camera on the Pixel 4

Now they’ve also updated the forward-facing camera on the Pixel 4 & 4 XL and what they’ve done is added depth to it so apparently it has better depth. If we take a selfie here you’ll see it takes a second to process and now there’s some depth in the background.

So they’ve improved this made it a lot better and it should be working even better than it was before.

Live Captions Features Update

Now if you’re on a Pixel 2 into excel there’s good news you get live captions. So if you’re using video and watching the video you can enable live captioning. So that’s a new feature and then they’ve added new emoji from the Unicode 12.1 release.

So that means if we go into messages you’ll see I have a few here but you have a pilot a fireman an astronaut and then you have all sorts of different genders and things there’s a hundred and sixty-nine new emoji.

So they’ve added that they’ve added jobs and all sorts of things.

Directly Access your Credit / Debit Card

Now if you’re using google pay and the wallet you can enable a quick press of the home button to bring up your cards. So if you press and hold you’ll have access to your cards your credit cards and any other card you add.

So maybe you want to add cards such as Starbucks or maybe you want to even add a pass for say a flight that you’re taking. You can actually take a picture of it and add it to the wallet.

Now as well so you have all of these different options and you just press and hold the power button you do have to enable that as well though.

Dark Mode Update

Now a lot of people love dark modes. So if we go into our settings go to display in styles and go to the dark theme we’ll tap on that and we can turn it on until sunrise. Now or turn it off until sunset we have scheduling options.

New Automation Rule for Wi-Fi Networks

New automation rules for Wi-Fi networks and this allows you to basically set a rule for connecting wi-fi networks. So we’ll go back here we’ll go to rules and what we can do is add a rule and then we can automatically have it change to say Do Not Disturb or set the phone to silent based off the Wi-Fi network that you’ reconnecting to.

So that’s a feature they’ve added so you can just add a network say set to set the vibrate set to ring or whatever based off not only the location but based off your Wi-Fi network.

This is the few of March Pixel Android Update, we will share all of with you, whenever got any updates or reviews. Keep explore and share. Follow for more updates on Technology and Entertainment.

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