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Mark Zuckerberg‘s Birthday – Mark Zuckerberg is known all over the world. He is the creator of Facebook, who founded a huge social media company like Facebook and today Facebook has the most active users in the world. And also Facebook is giving tough competition to other social media platforms.

Mark Zuckerberg Turns 36

Today Mark Zuckerberg is 36 years old, this young entrepreneur was born in 1984 on the same day on 14 May at Dobs Ferry in New York, USA. Mark real name is Mark Elliott Zuckerberg, but family and his friend call him  Mark since childhood.

Mark Zuckerberg Interest in Programming Since Childhood

Zuckerberg had an interest in computer programming since childhood and dreamed of making a career in it. Talking about his father, his father is also a good dentist and mother is a Psychiatrist.

Mark Zuckerberg joined the list of billionaires at the age of 23. He got this success after making of Facebook. Since childhood, he was fond of computer programming since childhood.

A family member gave him a programming book on his birthday. Which he used to make a messaging app, the same app used by his father for sending messages to the patient of his clinic.

Mark get various offer of job from big IT Companies

When Mark was completing high school, many jobs were offered to him by IT companies in view of his computer programming knowledge.

In 2004, when Mark was completing his college studies, he thought of creating a social messaging app with his friends and then created Facebook which became very popular in college and gradually reached World.

Mark First  Project is Facemash App

People don’t know that, before Facebook, Zuckerberg created his first social media platform “Facemash”. It is a photo uploading website that defines your beauty and you can also compare your beauty with other peoples.

It was very popular among peoples, whose number of users had reached more than 9 million. There was a lot of controversy about this app. People also considered it to interfere in privacy.

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