Microsoft Delayed Upgrading Windows 10X | Know About Windows10X Update

Windows 10X

Windows 10X was to be upgraded by Microsoft by the middle of this year. But this will not be the biggest Windows update of this year. If we talk about the launch of Windows 10X. This Windows will be launched by Microsoft. This is being said That the 10X update will be launched by the end of this year. Mind you, the reason for the delay in the launch of 10X is that some new features are being added to this Windows.

About Windows 10X Update

Windows 10X is also being called the new version of the old Windows. This Windows will be done with dual-screen surface neo. 10X program can be for lightweight gadgets like Microsoft’s Chrome book. But the common computing will not be done for the public. In the second half of the year.

Earlier, Microsoft was thinking of launching Windows 10X in the first half of the year. But due to some reasons, the move was postponed. And it was also said that Windows 10X does not support win32 software. It seems now. The launch of the new update will be judged in the second half of the year. For some reason, this launch has been stopped.

Recent Updates by Microsoft

Many Windows updates have been provided by Microsoft in the solution. This provides secure and smooth processing to the puck and desktop. This Windows Update provides you with every status update. With these updates, you can make your work even easier. If you are presenting a PowerPoint presentation, then with the help of the new Grid View for Presentation, you can simplify your work even more.

If you also want to go about these windows updates of Microsoft. So you can see in the list below the new updates.

Updates List

  • Move around with the new grid view
  • We’ve made history
  • When you just don’t have words
  • New keyboard shortcuts in meetings
  • Presenters! Pick up where you left off
  • Your agenda is now in terms of free

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