Milind Soman Is The Real Nude Photo King, Did A Bold Photoshoot 27 Years Ago, The Case Lasted For 14 Years

Milind Soman

Ranveer Singh, who frequently makes headlines for donning eccentric attire, is also making news for his audacious photoshoot. There was a commotion on social media when these images of the actor first appeared three days ago today. Some people began making fun of him, while others began to demonstrate against him. An FIR was filed against Ranveer Singh for “hurting the sensibilities of women” when the uproar continued. We should point out that this is not the first time that such a performance has occurred during a daring picture session. The identical incident occurred today, 27 years ago.

Yes, there was a similar uproar about a Bollywood actor’s daring photoshoot 27 years ago today, or in the year 1995. You’re right, we’re just talking about Milind Soman. The actor and his then-girlfriend Madhu Sapre performed a similar nude picture session in the 1990s. He had to succumb to the same haters that Ranveer Singh did. Additionally, an FIR was filed against him. Let’s find out what occurred after that.

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Milind Soman’s Legal Battle Lasted For 14 Years For Getting Nude Photo Shoot

In addition to being charged with disseminating obscenity through this advertising, Milind Soman also had a lawsuit filed against him under the Wildlife Protection Act. It was claimed that this advertising illegally utilized python. The court heard this matter for 14 years. Milind was exonerated in this case in 2009. But Madhu Sapre had previously stated in an interview that she did not find this picture shoot repulsive. “Obscene would have happened when a lady was subjected to violence, raped, or killed,” claims Madhu.

In the year 2020, Milind Soman also generated controversy. He posted a photo of himself jogging nude on the beach in honor of his birthday. Milind had sent birthday wishes to himself via the image. At the same moment, his wife Ankita Konwar received photo credit. Following this, a complaint was filed against him for promoting obscenity under sections 294 and 67 of the IPC.

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