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2020 – Moto Razr Fold – hey, what’s up guys I’m Atul Kalita and here and welcome to an update regarding the Moto RAZR Fold. So, this is the folding phone that is finally revealed in the International market.

And also going to launch in India too in mid of March 2020. Officially there is no released date is announced for India. But there are various media reports publish that Moto Razr will be launched in India on March 16.

But various other parts across the globe it available around $1500.

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First Impression of Moto RAZR Fold

it is the Moto RAZR now as a refresher. We first got a look at this smartphone a couple of months ago and it was first revealed and We try to take this into our hands but missed.

it got a delay in the launch as we know due to coronavirus in China. Various other smartphones got also delay.

As per the various YouTuber shows the unboxing of Moto RAZR and that look shiny new factor has worn off.

Overview of Motorola Razr

We have a 6.2inch OLED display, A little taller than 1080p. So it’s 21:42 / 876 with that 21/9 aspect ratio and is equipped with Snapdragon 710 processor 6gb of ram and 128 GB of internal storage.

It’s a folding phone in case I haven’t mentioned that yet and holding this thing in the hand again. I’m reminded how thin this phone really is and how complex the hinge mechanism is.

I mean, we knew it was complex but it’s really very unique and generally ends up giving you less of a crease. The display is potentially interesting for durability.

It’s very easy to kept and a half to be more pocketable is this the best way to do it like. We know not everyone can say this but I can already fit a phone around 6.2 inches in my pocket just fine.

But even, if you can’t at the moment the choice is between getting a phone that folds in half versus. Just getting a slightly smaller phone.

I think I would rather have a fold to enable putting something in my pocket. That I couldn’t before like a 7 inch or an 8-inch screen like an iPad Mini like a small tablet size. It is suitable to watch online movies on screen too.

This to me is just a normal size phone getting even smaller. Which is more pocketable sure but. But this is the razor and so it’s got to look like the iconic razor.

This smartphone has a crazy cool thin design but also while we have some of the crazy specs and the weird compromises. That’s why the battery cells are split into two parts to keep the weight of this foot phone fairly.

Even not too top-heavy not too bottom-heavy and then this thinness means you’re combining those two cells for a total of just over 2,500 million powers that are very small.

In this phone, you will not get wireless charging. There is no SIM card only e SIM and non-expandable storage no dust or water resistance.

Moto Razr price in India

The Moto Razr price in India would be around 90k to 120k between. As in the global market, it is available around @ $1500. But we are not sure about the Moto Razr price in India till.

So, guys, this is the small review about the Moto RAZR and it will be available for sale in India in upcoming days.

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