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Khandani Shafakhana

Khandani Shafakhana is the movie based on the sex clinic, those who situated in Punjab, Hoshiarpur. Where Kharband (Mamaji) is the sexologist and he passed away due to his illness and left a WILL  for Sonakshi Sinha’s character. In which her circumstances are not good financially and due to the bad condition of his family. She doesn’t have to choice due to some condition as mentioned in the WILL. So that’s why she started to work as a sexologist in the clinic and faces bad impressions from the society. This is the movie where you can all serious things into the shape of laughing bubbles.

Khandani Shafakhana- What is in the WILL those who on the name of Sonakshi Sinha Character

According to the WILL of one crore rupees will give to Sonakshi Sinha but only in one condition that she has to run his SEX clinic for 6months after she is eligible for the 1 crore refreshment. Due to this condition, Sonakshi Sinha starts the clinic and met with some unusual conditions and act, those who occurred. The film is based on Sex education and this the good try by directors and writer to give the social message to the communities. You can say it gives awareness to people about sex education.

Start Cast

Starting in lead Sonakshi Sinha done good start and don’t forget about Varun Sharma and Rap King Badshah. All these staircases do their best. Varun Sharma is the fame of Fukrey and he has done very good acting as always. Badshah is also done a good job. He also sings a song in this movie.

Khandani Shafakhana

This is the debut of Shilpi Dasgupta as Director. She was a writer. She wrote the story of CID, FAN CLUB, Ek Din Achanak, etc. She is the writer turn director. She started her career as a writer after she works for many movies and serial as Assitant Director.

In our society, we know that sex education is the topic, In which, peoples are not comfortable to talk frequently with others about sex education. Khandani ShaffaKhaana is the story of female sexologists (Sonakshi Sinha), In which, she is playing the character of a Sexologist and she has done this role very effectively with solid dialogue delivery and punches. Varun Sharma Fukrey Fame is also playing a comedy role and he performs, as best he always.

As the latest earning reports, Khandani Shafakhana earns 1 crore collection on his first day. Is Saturday or Sunday it will gain some more buck or below the first-day collection. Hope this film will give Sonakshi Sinha new height. Because previously back to her portfolio. Sonakshi Sinha films do not make any remarkable performance.

Overall the film is good and tries to focus our eyes on the perfect topic with good efforts.

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