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National Pollution Control Day

Nowadays, poison has dissolved in the climate of cities. The air has become poisonous all at once. If we talk about rivers, there is no potable water left in them. One of these is the river Yamuna, whose water is neither worth irrigation nor fresh air of fresh water. The air quality of the city is getting worse year after year, while the dirty water of sewer in the Yamuna river has turned into a drain.

National Pollution Control Day – 2020

Today, we celebrate the day as National Pollution Control Day, but more than 15 laws have been enacted in our country to control pollution. And especially a special air action plan and river action plan is being prepared for Agra. One and a half years ago both the action plans are in the papers, due to which more than 20 lakh people of the cities are forced to breathe in the toxic air.

Air Quality is biggest concern?

According to the data released by the Central Pollution Control Board, 4 days of air quality in November will remain in the severe category, 13 days in the very poor category and 9 days in the poor category.

In this way, the poison in the air remained dangerous level for 26 days. The air quality was average for only 4 days, although there is still no breathable air.

National Pollution Control Day is observed every year on 2 December. Due to Kovid-19, our country’s air pollution was freed this year. But after the opening of lockdown, pollution has had the worst effect on our lungs.

Important Care For Lungs o avoid Respiratory Problems

If lung care is not taken, pollution can lead to many respiratory problems. Many people have questions that how to detoxify lungs? Detoxification is a way to keep the lungs safe and clean from polluted air, but if you detox the lungs by natural means, you will get great benefits.

Is Yoga is The Solution to avoid lungs problems?

There are many ways to strengthen the lungs, but nothing better than Yoga! If you want to avoid polluted air, then it is important to include yoga in your daily life. Make a habit of keeping your lungs healthy and safe with yoga on Pollution Control Day. Do yoga for 10 minutes every day, which will help keep your lungs healthy forever. Yoga is considered very beneficial for healthy lungs and good health.

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