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Twitter, now going to launch a new feature for Android users. Users can discover ways to get around it by using the built-in Overview feature. Which allows them to choose text from any screen. While the capability exists, it is not available to all Android users, yet according to tech specialist Mishaal Rahman.

Is twitter rapidly updating its features to make users more happy?

For the past few years, Twitter has been aggressively adding new features to the site. In 2021, it debuted Birdwatch, a feature that allows users to flag false tweets, as well as voice notes, support for 4K image uploads, Spaces, a competitor to Clubhouse, and Twitter Blue, a new membership service.

What’s new in this feature that really helps people on twitter?

Now android users can select the tweet and make them copy easily and use as per their requirement. However this is not yet officially announced by Twitter. But many tech specialists and newly launched updates providing websites or media outlets confirm the same. In many cases it will be helpful for users as many twitter users also use the third party apps to make the text copied from twitter threads. Now it becomes convenient for them to copy text from twitter tweets after it rolls out.

Twitter on Android has always lacked easy text selection, although users have developed a workaround in the past by utilizing Overview Selection (a useful feature that lets you select text from any screen to copy and paste).


What is the text limit on Twitter?

The platform’s original 140-character limit, which was only recently expanded, was imposed due to SMS limitations. Furthermore, Twitter’s brief posts and linear timeline were well-suited to vertical phone screens, and it didn’t need a lot of time from users (though that didn’t stop many from becoming addicted to it nevertheless).

Is this function working on iOS?

For quite some time, Twitter for iOS has supported choosing parts of text from tweets, making it easier to do a search or copy a snippet.

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