OnePlus Officially Announced Its First Smart Fitness Band |

OnePlus will soon discontinue Aspen Fitness in the market and Smart Watches is going to enter its wearables segment. The company has officially declared it. And you will find this fitness band in the market. OnePlus told its official handle that at the moment this fitness band will not be launched in India.

OnePlus teased his first fitness band with his Twitter handle

OnePlus shared the launch of his first fitness band with everyone via his Twitter handle. Which will give you the first glimpse of this fitness band. At present, the company will not launch this fitness band in India. But you can see this closure in the Indian market after some time.

OnePlus – A Popular Brand in Mobile Market

OnePlus is a very famous manufacturer, you will get to see many mobiles of this company in the market. Or some of you may also use these phones. The mobile phones of this company are of excellent quality and are very durable. If we talk about fitness band before this, then it will also be very good quality and durable. With this, the company will also give you many features and specifications in a good price range.

This company was established in 2013. After this, this company dominated the market due to its good quality mobile phones in the market. It is believed that in this fitness band you will get to see some new features and specifications. Some of which you can see below.

Smart Fitness Band – Features and Specifications

  • Display size- 1.1 Inches 
  • Display type- AMOLED Touch screen Display 
  • Sensors- Heart rate sensor, Spo2 blood saturation sensor 
  • Connectivity- Bluetooth
  • Battery Backup-14 days
  • Battery- 100mAh
  • Weight-  10.3 Grams

This fitness band is dust and waterproof. You can wear it irrespective of the weather.


This fitness band is very good quality and very durable. And it will be available at a very good price as we except. The company says that soon it will be launched in India. And this fitness band will become everyone’s first choice due to its price, features, and specifications.

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