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Panasonic Lumix G95 Micro Four Thirds Camera Launched in India, Features 5-Axis Stabilisation, 4K Video Recording, and More | Technology News


Panasonic launch, its highly equipped Lumix G95 Micro camera in India.  It’s work with highlights  5-hub adjustment picture and also recording into 4K video it’s a rough structure. It’s launch in the two variants in terms of Cameras. It would be best mirrorless camera for professionals.

In the first segment you will get 12-60 mm f/3.5-5.6 focal point is evaluated, The first segment is come with around Rs. 94,990. while second one is little bit costly than first one, it will cost you around  Rs. 1,09,990 and you will get  a 14-140 mm f/3.5-5.6 focal point. The Lumix G95 is officially launch and you can buy from anywhere in India from Panasonic stores.

Is Panasonic having better cameras ?

It has the camera 20.3-megapixel with mirrorless digital camera, so as to accomplish better subtleties and is fueled by Panasonic’s Venus Engine. The Venus processing engine for digital cameras is an image processor developed by Panasonic, and almost all of their Lumix cameras use a version of it. It is based on the Panasonic MN103/MN103S. Due to this technology , Panasonic is going to have better resolution and quality to their users.


Image processors operate in four terms:-

  1. Receive data from the CCD sensor,
  2. Make the Y-color difference signal (image processing),
  3. JPEG Compression
  4. Save the image data.

It’s lens has so much advance before, company mentioned it to hybrid lens, its lens capable to boost high performance into video shoot or capturing the images. G95 uses 4k images shooting  mode. You can images at upto 30 frames per second. It also uses pre-buffer footage option.

It uses Auto marking function to identify, the significant moments in the footage you captured. It make easy to pin down the best frames.  It also has the Sequence Composition mode that lets you combine the moving element of multiple frames into a single composite image.

The lens feature comes with inner zoom structure with guide-pole mechanism for smooth and stable zooming. Is DC motor enable slow zooming from wide to 20 x tele-end. It has also a galvanometer drive iris; it is use in professional cameras with helping to catch low light images. Due to that, It works smooth, even in zooming.

Large OLED Monitor for better experience

Panasonic provides large OLED monitor for better user experience, its provide user high visibility, contrast, good framing  in day (direct sunlight). Rear monitor is important for better quality pictures and its capability to provide you the freedom to find better options in image capturing and video making. It can operate by touching the screen easily. Its monitor is smooth and responsive.


Genuine competitor for Panasonic G95 ?

Sony A6400

Sony Cameras are the first choice of user, Sony brand is always a trustworthy option for users from many years. It has also the model name A6400, and it’s lunched recently. It can capture 4K to 30p with a mic socket and a screen, that can be adjusted 360 degree. It has phase-detect AF system a cracking 425-point. It’s the main highlights of the camera, It has more pixels, while the 24MP sensor it has, and bigger in the size, If we compare with G95’s. Battery life is very efficient of this one. But the lack of sensor-based image stabilization may put some down point for this.

Fujifilm X-T30

FujiFilm X-T30 is another competitor for G95, it is the mirror less option that present in the market with high-end functioning but lower to price of G95. User can feel its function in their budget. The X-T30 has a slightly larger 26MP X-Trans CMOS sensor with phase-detect AF, and has better battery life and a smaller body, although the X-T30’s titling LCD screen can’t be adjusted with quite the same flexibility as the G95’s, and stabilization isn’t included at the sensor level, which some may prefer.


All above cameras have their quality and uses. User can opt anyone according to their requirement. If they match with their requirements & budget.

Note:- We are not promoting any products or reviewing the item. We just make information related to latest release. We didn’t take any physical overview for this. All information just take from official website of product. We are not recommending anything. buy at your own risk.

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