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PanjShir News – Ahamad Massoud Released Audio Message For People of Afghanistan


Photographs of Taliban fighters apparently in the provincial capital have appeared on social media panchayat is two hours from the capital Kabul and was being held by the Anti-Taliban National Resistance Front of Afghanistan or NRF.

In Afghanistan, where the Taliban say they’ve seized PanjShir province where they’ve been battling resistance fighters for days it means that the Taliban now control the whole of the country.

NRF Leader Ahamad Massoud Released Audio Message for Asking Support 

The NRF leader Ahamad Massoud has said in an audio message. Right now the Taliban are only in a few locations. They are facing difficulties. Our forces are resisting our forces and defending their people, their honor, their home and their values. That his fighters are still resisting has this report.

One of the leaders of the resistance has released a voice message blaming the international community for legitimizing the Taliban Amarullah Saleh, Afghanistan’s former vice president was the other man leading the movement a few days ago. 

Zabihullah Mujahid Taliban Spokesperson Declared the Big Win in PanjShir 

Spokesman of Taliban Zabihullah Mujahid said we couldn’t accept a power island in Afghanistan. We had to use force as the Panjshir valley lies to Kabul’s northeast. It has a narrow entrance and its terrain offers natural protection.

Taliban fighters said in a video released by the group they claimed to have conquered the final stronghold of the opposition and with it full of Afghanistan at a press conference in Kabul the group declared victory. We tried our best to resolve the issue in the Panjshir through negotiations. But it didn’t work. 

History of Violence in Afghanistan 

During Afghanistan’s long history of violence its defenders have always held fort and even now those resisting Taliban control say. It hasn’t been fully captured so far we are present throughout Panjshir at the moment Panjshir is in a small province or valley. Panjshir has many semi valley from the southern part up to the northern part of the valley.

The Taliban have seized Panjshir today’s announcement felt different with the militants now in control of the whole of the country. 

NRF Spokesperson Denied the claims of Taliban

NRF Spokesperson denied the Taliban’s claim of the whole Panjshir valley in their control. The fact that we’ve seen videos coming out from Bazarak the provincial capital of Panjshir province. Where the Taliban have hoisted their white and black flag over government buildings. That all seems to suggest that the Taliban are indeed now in control of Panjshir and as they say now in control of the entire country. They now let’s not forget control more territory, than they did even prior to the US invasion which overthrew them in 2001.

Taliban Still in process of making government entity to Rule Afghanistan 

In terms of the formation of the government the Taliban have been saying for some while now that it’s closed what is your take your analysis on why we’ve seen this delay yeah that’s right i mean it’s been more than three weeks since the Taliban took over Kabul and was still to yet to see anew government being established initially.

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