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PUBG India re-launching Confusion Creates on Internet Goes Viral


Many people or game fans are eagerly waiting for PUBG Mobile India re-launch. PUBG was first launched in India in 2017 in the PC version. PUBG Corporation launched PUBG Mobile in India in 2018, 1 year after this. After which the popularity of this game increased in India.

From children to young people also loved to play this game. This game was played on a very large scale in India at that time. But in 2020, this game was made saying more rampant. The company says that the PUBG Mobile India re-launch will be very soon.

Why PUBG was banned in India?

PUBG became a very popular game in India over time. But this game was banned after some time. There were many reasons why this game was banned in India. At that time, Corona was rising over the whole world in a pandemic form. Whose reason was China?

For this reason, India had banned many of China’s mobile apps from India. This also included PUBG. For this reason, more than 200 Chinese apps were banned in India. After this, the PUBG was banned in India in September 2020.

PUBG Mobile India Relaunch

Two months after PUBG was banned, i.e. in November, PUBG Corporation released the news of making a separate Indian version of PUBG. In which a teaser was presented. In the teaser, you are shown PUBG Mobile India Coming Soon. You can check this teaser by going to the official website on PUBG.

After this, many news pubs used to come on updates. Recently, it was said in the news that PUBG India could be launched in India from 15 to 19 January. Due to which many are waiting for PUBG.

But, this is not an official announcement from PUBG Officials. As most of youths cannot accept this news as true. Until we get information from the official handle of the government or PUBG. Now it has to be seen how true this news is and how much.

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