Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini For Free in 720p, 1080p

Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini

Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini. People have been looking for free Pudhupettai movie streams. You will encounter several dangerous factors if you attempt to Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini via a pirate domain. Websites illegally releasing films and television shows on their servers include torrent sites.

These sites are typically visited by people who want to download and watch movies for free, which might result in your device being hacked. Yes. In plain English, this implies that you are granting others access to the data that is stored on your device. Most individuals just download movies from these websites without thinking about the repercussions. However, one must be aware of the risks involved before proceeding to Download movies like Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini.

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How To Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini?

As everyone knows, isamini is a piracy website. And on this website, you can also download Pudhupettai Movie for free. Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini. Pudhupettai Movie is a 2006 Tamil language action crime movie. On the isamini website, you will find many Tamil Telugu movies to download for free. You can also search for movies generation-wise on this website, and download them. Isamini’s website Pudhupettai Movie gets many downloading formats for download. So that you can download from Pudhupettai Movie Isaimini in a limited format.

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What Is Pudhupettai Movie?

Selvaraghavan wrote and directed the 2006 Tamil-language criminal action movie Pudhupettai. Dhanush, the director’s brother, plays the major part in the movie, with Sonia Agarwal and Sneha filling up the supporting cast.

All Details Pudhupettai Movie

Movie NamePudhupettai
Release Date26 May 2006
Directed bySelvaraghavan
Screenplay bySelvaraghavan Balakumaran
Story bySelvaraghavan
Produced byK. Muralidharan, V. Swaminathan, G. Venugopal
StarringDhanush, Sonia Agarwal, Sneha
CinematographyArvind Krishna
Edited byKola Bhaskar
Music byYuvan Shankar Raja
Production CompanyLakshmi Movie Makers
Running time179 minutes

Pudhupettai Movie Plot

The main character, “Kokki” Kumar, tells the tale in a prison cell. Kumar, a secondary school student from Chennai’s Pudhupettai slums, attends that school. He returns home from a movie to discover his mother’s lifeless body. After a disagreement, his father killed her. Kumar flees his house after overhearing his father and his father’s buddy discussing their plans to kill him as well because he was a witness.

He turns to beg since he is homeless and hungry. While he sees the police apprehend crooks on the street, he is detained on fabricated accusations. He becomes friends with Mani and the others after being granted bail; they all work for a thug by the name of Anbu. Anbu works for local politician and felon Thamizhselv.

In a fight with rival criminals led by the politician Murthy from the governing party, Kumar murders Murthy’s brother by himself in the midst of 100 thugs, winning the respect of his gang. He is forced to join a group of hired murderers by Anbu. Kumar picks up the skills of a murderer there while fending off attacks from Murthy’s men. The gang declines to assist Kumar in avoiding Murthy’s men since doing so would start a gang war. The others appreciate Kumar when he kills numerous of his rivals by himself. the leader of the opposition party. They look after Kumar and assign him menial tasks.

Isaimini Alternatives Websites To Download Movies

On the Internet, you will find many other websites like isamini to download movies. Like, Pudhupettai Movie Download Isaimini. With the help of these websites, you can download Tamil movies like Pudhupettai for free. But all these sites are pirated. But you don’t need to be disappointed. You will find more such legal websites on the internet. From which you can download or watch movies online.

Illegal Alternatives of Isaimini


Movie piracy is a crime. Software piracy is the same as theft and is, therefore, illegal because the software pirate does not have the proper authorization from the software owner to take or use the in question software. According to the legislation (Copyright Act 1957 section 63), the penalty for a first-time offender is a prison sentence of between six months.

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