Quantum Computing: World Record for Two-Qubit Gate Operation in Quantum

Quantum Computing

Humanity will use quantum computers to address issues that are currently intractable. But given enough time, even seemingly insurmountable issues can turn out to be solvable—just as it appeared impossible for humans to fly until the Wright brothers changed the course of history.

One of the main drawbacks of modern qubits is their ability to decohere quickly, moving from a condition where they can perform useful work to one where computations don’t yield correct answers. The Japanese Institute for Molecular Science researchers has now jumped to first place(opens in new tab) by smashing the previous record for the quickest two-qubit gate operation ever carried out in quantum computing, making it a different kind of race against time.

The quantum version of the binary bit that has driven our technological revolution is a qubit, as its name suggests. Qubits’ unique strength is that they don’t have to be set to a fixed value of one or zero. Instead, they also have the additional capacity to represent both 1 and 0.

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A New Concept Is Reduncy In A Quantum Computing Sense

Hardware faults when a transistor flips on its own are rare in some cases, thus engineers instead design radiation-exposed safety-critical systems. The outcomes are compared using a supervision system. The system has the ability to recognize and safely disregard errors if they happen.

The quantum computer may introduce new challenges. There are further types of errors that must be fixed. In conventional computing, a seemingly straightforward parity check can result in novel mistakes in quantum computing.

A bit flip mistake occurs when the qubit improperly switches the computational state from zero to one or vice versa. The phase of the qubit flips the computational state wrongly in a phase flip mistake, which does not happen in a classical computer. Using a 5-qubit code, Quantinuum showed how these methods may be used in a quantum computer last year. (Read more:- Apple Will Set Deadline For iOS 16 Unsending iMessages)

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