Ram Gopal Verma Comment on Women standing outside of Wine Shops

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Film director “Ram Gopal Verma” who is in the headlines every day. Due to the lockdown, where all people are homes, Bollywood Start is active on all social media. Director “Ram Gopal Verma” is also active on social media, recently one of his tweets has been in the news.

Lockdown 3.0 ke bad On Monday, liquor contracts were exempted in some areas while the crowd of people was outside the contracts. Women were also engaged in the line outside the wine shop. For beer.

Ram Gopal Verma Shared the Photo of Women Standing Outside of Wine Shop

At this, Ram Gopal Verma shared the photo of women standing in the line on Twitter and along with the photo, he also wrote that “Look who is standing outside the liquor shop, this is the one who strongly opposes the drunkards.”

There has been a lot of ruckus on this statement of Ram Gopal Varma, he is running in the headlines again. A lot of people also reacted to a tweet by Ram Gopal Varma. On a tweet by Ram Gopal Verma, the journalist and Seema Goswami retweeted the same tweet and simultaneously wrote angrily to Ram Gopal Varma that you are “born unwisely who will save you or who will protect you?” 

In the meantime, many people of Ram Gopal Verma also tweeted that in such films you make, you should not ask such a question and someone wrote that we believe in equality, preparing to fight men by drinking alcohol.
Another tweet came out that said “liquor is not a problem, it is a problem.” In such a situation, another weight was that of Sona Mohapatra, in which Ram Gopal Verma was reprimanded.

Sona Mohapatra Gave a Befitting Reply to Ram Gopal Verma

You know Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra, this is what Akar stands for in her support for women and often becomes her loud voice. Sona Mohapatra did not like Ram Gopal Varma’s tweet at all. At the same time, when he got this tweet, his anger was taken out on Twitter via Ram Gopal Verma.

Sona Mohapatra again took up Ram Gopal Verma‘s class. Sona Mohapatra wrote that – Dear Ram Gopal Varma, the time has come for you to stand in the lines of those people who really need real knowledge so that you know that they have tweeted that they are like discrimination against women.

It is promoting things, let me tell you that women like women too have complete freedom to buy and drink alcohol. They also wrote that you should know that A does not have the right to be drunk.

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