Reasons of losing followers on Instagram | Do’s and Don’ts

losing Instagram followers

Spamming is one of the biggest problems any social media platform would face. So, Instagram and its followers have some criteria for the following. The thing is, if you are spamming, you are creating difficulties. And if you are losing followers, there can be some reasons for that. If you are willing to know a reason for such an occurring, you should read this article to know all the reasons.

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You might have Fake Followers

Fake followers are the ones that may not be real. For example, people may ask someone to like or comment on their profiles in such conditions. In response, people may respond with a reaction, but they actually are not very active. If the reacting profile did not actually have any interest, they would not have an active response stream. So, try to engage with people who are actually interested in your content and profile.

 Why is Consistency important?

If you are losing Instagram followers, it may be owing to not being consistent with posting. At the same time, you should interact with people to know you are active. If you do not have any activity on the platform, you will have marginalized visibility. So, try to stay consistent with the following tips:

  1. Knowing your target audience and connecting with them can help you have more reactions. So, you have more encouragement to stay connected with them. Know what they love from your content and capitalize on that.
  2. Find topics that you and your audience would be interested in. Then, you can create an idea bank to get maximum ideas for your account posts. The more ideas you have, the easier it is to create content.
  3. Know your Instagram grid layout. When you know where your post will be positioned, you understand what to post in a better way.
  4. Have a routine of posting, and make it a habit to do.

Being consistent is super important; you give people your best content, so people know you are active. In addition, this strategy will help you keep your profile valuable for Instagram. So, you have the least chance of losing your followers.

Observe High-Quality Content Criteria 

When you are on a platform and creating content, it has to be useful and valuable. And people would love your posts and so your profile if you focus on quality. So, try to measure your content performance, add completing captions, and capitalize on all features. 

Trying to make better content would help your following grow. And, the more following you have, the better chance of keeping your followers will be easy. 

Inevitably, you need to know your competitors for this purpose. So make sure that you have content that your competitors have succeeded for. And do not create something they have failed to have any results for.

Some other content strategies like giving user-generated content a chance would be great as well. Moreover, you should try to mix content types up and add a call to action for conversions as well. These are the methods you can use if looking for how to retain Instagram followers and keep your account active.

Why is Promoting Important for followers?

If you are not promoting yourself enough, you can be at risk of losing your followers. So, we will try to assess why promoting is an essential part of Instagram’s needs. 

 You complete your profile when you promote yourself; you add value by collaborating with others. But, at the same time, you engage with people, create content, and overall, you stay active. Instagram is always hungry for good content, and if you are not helping it out anyway, why would it like you. So, if you promote yourself enough, you are at a great chance of staying active for longer. 

 Choose a theme and Stick To it 

Instagram actually does not like users changing their themes. So, there are chances of losing followers if your account does not observe a theme in your content. If you do not have a proper theme, you do not have much chance to be in a race for the best content creators.

Interestingly, you have more chance of presenting your content in a more professional and fun way. So, choose the colors you are looking to present your content with. Make sure that your blog is on one topic. Narrow it down so that Instagram would know that you work for one particular niche. Instead of mixing everything up, take a shot for a particular topic that appeals to people.

No more in Trend 

One more reason for the problem of losing followers would be niche death. A niche death would be a niche going out of trend. In such a condition, the people are no longer interested in your content or profile. So, if you think your profile is in this phase, you need to have a different niche for your further process. 

It may be difficult to love another topic for something very personal or starting a new business. But, at the same time, you should make the shift as it is necessary to change when it is almost inevitable.

If you are looking to find a way to know that your niche is in demand, check other accounts. If your niche accounts are no longer working well, you should realize it is a lost-interest phase.

Final Thoughts 

Every Instagram user would love to have more followers and to do that; you should post consistently or directly buy Instagram likes. And if you do not wish to lose any, make sure that you post quality content that people would love to have. At the same time, you should promote your profile and stick with the theme you use. Ensuring that the niche is in demand is a great thing to do as well, or else it may decline. So, do your best to avoid losing followers or the total death of your profile.

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