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Salman Khan Appeal to Nation – As we know the world is facing serious coronavirus pandemic. India is also facing a serious issue as India in the Second Stage of the Corona Virus affect.

So far there have been 234 cases in India and 5 to 6 Died as per the update till now. There is no news about any vaccine to cure or fight with this vaccine. All over the scientist and researchers are 24 hrs involving in the findings to fight with this virus.

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Salman Khan Appeal to Nation about “How to safe from Corona Virus”.

Bollywood popular dashing actor Salman Khan is known for his human nature. And he always conveys social messages through his social profile on Instagram between communities in Various Social and other issues. Now, he shares a beautiful message on Instagram with some important information related to CoronaVirus.

In this video, he saluted the Doctor, Nurses, and Policemen for their work in this kind of dangerous situation due to Corona. As we know that today is Sunday and PM Modi appeals to people of India about to support Janta Curfew. Due to which, we able to stop Corona Virus Infection.

As Salman Khan supports the Message of PM Modi and appeals to his fans that government appeal is only in favor of our lives and we have to support our government. Salman Khan also appeals to people that don’t spread the false or frivolous messages of Corona.

Salman Khan also tells in the video that “ Don’t think that coronavirus will not affect us anymore” this thinking of people is wrong. Corona will cause anyone. Just stay away from Crowded places like Market, Bus Stand, Railway Station. So why are you hanging out?

This is not a public holiday, brother, this is a serious matter. Just stop this and make yourself isolate. Wear Mask and keep your hand wash as suggest by the Doctors.

If you do this, so you can save many lives of people and also yours.

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