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Samsung Galaxy A21– Hello friends, I’m Atul, welcome again in this article you will get full information and updates about the latest smartphones, gadgets and android stuff as well. And today, we are going to talk about the renovation from Samsung Galaxy A20 to Samsung Galaxy A21.

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Samsung Galaxy A21 will launch in upcoming days

However, friends, these are the ones that are most they sell the Samsung Galaxy A20 can serve as a very clear example is one of the best-selling smartphones by Samsung in 2019.

Now its successor let’s say what is already at the oven doors and next to leave for and start to be sold as the Samsung renovation galaxy in 2020.

If this will be the device that, we will already know in more than close good. As you know, the phone industry is suffering a significant delay and because many factories are in China and these have had to close as a consequence of that virus.

This is also causing many presentations of some smartphones that have had to suspend Samsung.

The galaxy series of 2019 and also expect to repeat that success in 2020 with these new devices that are going to take out.

Main Features of the A21

Now let’s see the main features of this Samsung Galaxy 21. Which is a device that first calls the attention is that. This phone will count with four cameras in the back. That is to say that, it will increase nothing less than in the sensors. Most seen in the model from Samsung Galaxy A20 previously.

That means that the Samsung Galaxy A21 phone will enter the club of cheap smartphones. But with four cameras available in the market may become there to how to compete with the others in mid-price range with the same functionality. People always looking for innovation and new technology.

If this Samsung Galaxy A21 will have four sensors or four cameras already know a normal a sensor normal an ultra-wide-angle. A sensor or macro and another sensor. which works as a depth sensor which does the fund’s boot effects unfocused virtually.

That’s what are manufacturers today in the day in the cameras in the cameras main of certain phones. The screen also undergoes changes regarding the Samsung Galaxy A20. Since this one mounts an infinitive panel that is that the front camera sensor is housed in a screen hole.

It expects, this screen to have a resolution HD Plus.

Next to the cameras main also reveals a double led flash and this is Samsung Galaxy A21 still wearing a fingerprint sensor on the part from behind.

So the reader won’t have of fingerprints on the part forward and this makes you think that you are these screens will not have the technology super AMOLED suddenly be only IPS.

Exynos Process in Samsung Galaxy 21

The galaxy at 21 could arrive with the Exynos 7904 processor with 4gigabytes of ram memory and a128GB memory storage internal plus a slot for micro SD cards. And well this is an attribute that is also being given to these devices to these terminals of the input range.

Because the badge almost no longer they bring MicroSD slot and well this. It is also because these devices high-end already bring large space storage friends as for the battery this.

Samsung Galaxy probably came up with 4000mah battery

It has the same capacity as the Samsung galaxy at A20. So we are talking about 4000mah there are still no details of whether it will support fast chagrining or not and more powerful than Samsung galaxy A20.

There is nothing specific yet about that what is known is that together with this.


This device will cost about 12,000 Rs to 15,000 Rs and the actual price will be share if we got any update regarding the same.

well, friends, I hope they liked all this information about this new Samsung Galaxy A21.


This is not the review, article based on the information that provides by various other online sources. Whenever is Samsung Galaxy A21 will launch, we try to update you with more features.

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