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corona hot spots

Rapidly growing cases of Covid-19 in Delhi, various other hot spot been identified the health ministry previously. The corona hot spots places has been identified and all these places sealed by the government officials. No one can get in or out from corona hot spots.

The Delhi government has claimed to sanitize all Corona hot spots in the capital. According to the state government, all such places in Delhi have been sanitized from where the corona virus infection is at highest risk.

The hot spots and high risk zones are being sanitized under the Delhi government Sensitization Scheme. Along with this, 50 jetting machines of Delhi Jal Board are also doing sanitation work in different parts of the city. Delhi government has used a special Japanese machine for sensitization in red and orange hot spots built in Delhi.

The machine that is being sprayed to eliminate the corona virus in Delhi’s Red and Orange hot spots has been exclusively made available to the Delhi government. 10 Japanese machines have been made available to the Delhi government.

In this machine 600 liters of sensitization fluid is filled in one turn. This foreign machine is capable of transitioning an area of ​​about 20 thousand square meters in 1 hour. Both the machine and big electronic arms are fitted. They are sprayed with medicine and the machine arms spread up to 53 feet.

Significantly, 67 new corona Virus patients have been detected in Delhi during the last 24 hours. At the same time, 42 people have died of Corona Virus infection in Delhi so far. A total of 1707 corona cases have been reported in Delhi so far. Of these, 911 patients are admitted to major hospitals in Delhi.

If we talked about the entire country, the total patient count will going to Crosses 14900 and death toll to around 488 till. In 24 hrs more than 43 people were died in the entire country.

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