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SEO Concepts August 2019 | www.letmethink.in

seo concepts

Today, we are going to tell about the “SEO concepts”. What they are and how can we use this method to do SEO of our Blog or Website. In this article, you will able to understand what is the basics need to do SEO and How to implement the SEO Techniques on your blog or website.

Overview of SEO

What is SEO and why we do SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the technique that makes your blog or website or any other digital product organically ranked over on particular keywords. This practice makes huge organic traffic to your blog or website and also helps if you have any product to sell over on the internet. There are lots of SEO Concepts that make your blog or website ranked over on Google Search engine.

Below is the detailed overview is given by the famous YouTuber “SID TALK”

Types of SEO

There are Two Types of SEO formats. On-Page  SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Doing SEO in the internal part of a website called On-Page SEO. Which you will make changes to your website for the perfect ranking over on Google Search Engine.

Doing Off-Page SEO is out of your website. Off-page SEO only refer to link building. In which you will make your website link to another website. This is by Direct linking, link submission, Guest Posting, Article Submission, etc.

seo concepts

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ON-PAGE SEO Concepts

Below we are covering the all SEO Concepts those who necessary if you want to rank your website in Google SERP’s. These SEO Concepts are very impressive. After successfully develop this SEO Concepts over on your website. You will sure rank on Google Search Engine. But it will take time and depends upon your techniques. So let’s get started.

Word count

Word Count is a very important factor. After getting the Google Panda Update. The purpose the update is to down the ranking of low quality and thin content sites from Google search engines ranking. This algorithm down the ranking of all low and thin quality sites. So That’s why the quality and length is so much important in terms of ranking in Google Search Engine. Minimum length is required around 400 to 2000 word on every page of your blog or website. But be sure your content is informal, those who able to give the relevant information to the visitors.

seo concepts

On-Page Text

On-Page, Text is the content or data that makes your website identical to the user and allow him to get valuable information from your blog or website. As search engine crawlers are looking for written material, a checklist of best practices should include.

Meta Information

Meta Information is referred to as metadata. They help search engines understand the content on a page. A page’s title tag and meta description are usually shown whenever that page appears in search engine.

A search engine will directly match the keyword query to meta information. Due to that Google search engine identify the desired location of the particular keyword search by the user.

Meta Title or title tag is different from each other. Meta title is usable for the user and search engine both. It will be helping the user to identify the search query in SERP’s and another side Google search engine mainly shows the results on behalf of meta title. Incorporate one or two keywords of your main Web page while maintaining them within 55 characters, including spaces. Longer meta titles can be abbreviated (truncated) with the ellipsis (a series of period marks as in …) or Google can use machine logic to rewrite it.

So this is one of the important things to consider and basic concept related to SEO.

Meta Description

Meta Description is an HTML attribute that explanation of a website. A search engine such as Google often shows the meta description in SERP’s. 160’s character of meta description is allowed in terms of Good SEO. This is also called Snippet. Because of Google algorithm not like the lengthy description.

seo concepts

But sometimes many of blogger and developers of making mistake to create a good meta description. Those who one of the one reason that your webpage or blog struggle more to rank in the SERP’s. Below is the detail how can you write the good meta description.

Focus Keyword in the begging of description is a good option. This will make easier for a google search engine to fetch your webpage in the SERP’s.

Make sure your description is readable and in the limit of 160 characters.

This meta description you can add in the <head> section of your website. If your website makes on HTML. It will show like that.


<meta name=” description” content=” Here is a precise description of my awesome webpage.”>


But mostly website is operated through WordPress CMS. In which, you can opt Yoast SEO, those who help you in the SEO. Where you can easily add the title tag and meta tag thorough Yoast Plugin. It’s free of cost open-source plugin.

Heading Tags

Heading Tags are the define your content structure and that also indicates the well maintained and detail full content. It will good for both google search engine and user. H1 tag is referring to the main heading of your post or article. It could be a meta title of your website.

seo concepts

It’s good to have h1 tag over on your every page of blog or website in terms of ranking over on google search engine.

The H1 tag serves as an “umbrella” under which H2 tags (sub-headings) are placed, indicating the content of secondary importance.

In turn, H3 tags and related page content would be placed beneath the H2 tags and content.


It’s important to keep heading tag character count (including spaces to 70) and to not over-use them as it disrupts the flow of content and maybe visually overwhelming to readers.


Keyword Phrase

Keywords are very important for the ranking factor. Keywords are the sentences that use to find the information following the user. Keyword Phrase creates the possibilities for the user to find information related to their requirements.

You can do keyword research and choose the relevant keyword related to the topic of your blog or website and implement the same into your webpage. It will increase your site visibility in Google SERPs. Various tools free and paid are available in the market. Those help you to get the high volume keyword selection for your site. But beware about the Keyword stuffing. More than 2 or 3% keyword density is not good for your webpage.

Image Source ETRAFFIC

Above-the-Fold Text

There was something above the fold that a user sees once they land onto the webpage. These are images, texts, shapes, etc. –all that their eyes can take hold of immediately–without clicking the link. Obviously, for different laptop or desktop displays, there will be distinct folds.  First perception in your site by user and libations of knowledge to your site by a returning user.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is meant to that you copy your website content from other blog or website. That is illegal and your site becomes penalized dustbin if you use the copied content. If you used copied content to it give confusion to search engine due to that your ranking will down after some days. 

Long-Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keywords are a very good choice for getting the ranking in Google search engine. It mainly works into your URL’s. Many users search their query with the long tail question and that’s the reason you can get huge traffic from this. It targets mass traffic, it only aims to 3+ words search query. With long-tail keyword, you can drive more organic traffic to your blog or website.  There are lots of paid and free tools to help you to get the best keyword ideas. But in the initial stage, we recommend you to take the long tail keyword ideas from Google Keyword Planner. It’s free to use and open source. Just go to Google Keyword Planner. Where you can search the most searchable keywords.

seo concepts Image Source SEMRUSH

Media Files

Media Files are like images, videos, and logo. They played a positive role and gives good attention to content. It also helps to create visibility in the search engine. Nowadays, most of the bloggers and content creators use high-quality images and videos and this will help them a lot to create huge engagement with the visitors. Google not able to read the images, you have to optimize the images with the alt tag, that help the google crawlers to understand the image and video content on the webpage.

Video Optimization

In a few years, video marketing and video engagement are more popular. Everyone is love to watch videos. Nowadays, making a video is very easy. You can easily make the video through your phone or make form DSLR’s. As popularity increases in video engagement, it’s going really hard to rank the video in Google search results pages.

Titles, descriptions, and tags are the most important principles for optimizing videos: Titles for your on-page videos, such as your Web page Meta titles, should describe the video content clearly, accurately and briefly, as well as reflect the keywords used in the content of the Web page and Meta information (while avoiding unnecessary use).

Tags area unit single or two-word web site page “categories” that serve to focus on and leverage whole and different important keywords related to the on-page text and Metadata.

Whenever you add the video on your WebPage. Be insure that thumbnail image is Engaging.

Therefore, it plays a major role in whether or not folks click.

Utilizing robust fingernail pictures will have an amazing impact on click-through rates and different video SEO metrics.

The program crawlers typically stop locomotion for videos at that time initial video.

If you are using multiple videos so you have to embed the video as suggested by the top SEO Experts. Be aware of that don’t use single embed video to multiple pages of your website. It will create the confusion to google search crawler and will get down your site or content ranking in SERP’s.

Image optimization

Images optimization is very important if you add an image to your webpage. If you want to optimize images on a webpage, you have to give that image a proper title and alt text. Those who help to create visibility in the Google search engine. After giving the proper title and alt text google crawler will able to identify the image as related to your content and also submit the same into google image section. Where millions of images stored as per their ranking. It also boosts your SEO. Whenever any visitor search in the google image section with the desired keyword so, he will find your content through the image which is you added to your webpage with title and alt text.

Hope ! you like our article for SEO concepts. This all methods recommended by the most of SEO professionals. Above this method, you can apply to your blog or website.

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