Should Students Be Given Rights to Choose Their Subjects?


Should Students Be Given Rights to Choose Their Subjects – Life is all about choices we make. Our choices decide our future. Most of the time people like to choose the things related to their interest or passion. Most parents and tutors have a perception that children have no experience and hence. They need guidance at every stage of life till they grow up.

They think that students are unable to differentiate between right and wrong and between what are their need and what is their interest. Apart, from all these things decided by parents and elders. Few things are there which should be decided by the students such as their subjects which they have to study.

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Who’ Will Decide The Subjects – Students or Parents?

Although, it is assumed that teachers and parents have more experience and knowledge. So, they should decide what subject a student should Click. But as far as my opinion is concerned this decision should be completely of the students. So, that he/she can choose the subjects according to their interests. They should be given rights to choose whatever subjects they like to study.

However it is assumed by some supporters of compulsion of all subjects. That it is also very important that till a particular age. Students should be taught those necessary subjects which are essential to be known by the students.

Is Subjects without choice make students more uncomfortable?

So, that they can use those learning in their future. Such as, till upper primary students should be taught Hindi, English, Maths, Social Studies, Science, Music, Sports on necessary basis because. The study material which is taught to students in this age is not unnecessary. But, they are basic details of how the things happen around them or about history of human. Which, they need to know or scientific basics about human body or biological systems.

If we accept this logic somehow. Even then such details should be known by the kids. As basic level, so up to upper primary level all the subjects should be compulsory. But after that they should be given independence to choose their favorite subjects. In which, they can participate and perform according to interest. This is so, because due to their interest. They will learn, it very interestingly and will always research new things.

Why Favorite Subjects of Students Makes Them More Happy? 

It is assumed that motivational quotes for students motivate them a lot. But these motivational quotes for students mean nothing. If the student is not interested in the subject. He is given to study. When students choose their favorite subjects to study, this makes them happy and eager to learn more about it.

They become better in that subject due to continuous study and learning. When students become experts by learning those subjects then they can be able to pursue those subjects in higher education also and make a career out of it. Sometimes the students are so good in some subjects. That, they start teaching while their academics. Today they teach online & offline also. Such, students sometimes get some good offers to teach online also.

Although as discussed in above paragraph it seems some basic subjects should be compulsory for the students. But on the other hands learning, so many subjects at a time makes excessive pressure on the students. Which creates a hectic schedule due to which students cannot score good marks. In even, those subjects which he / she are good in and have interest in too.

Burden of Unnecessary Subjects

Learning process should be a matter of enthusiasm to the students. But today 90% of students don’t like learning and going to school. Due to the boring curriculum and burden of unnecessary subject.

Now, when the students have to study those subject. which they don’t like along with those subjects. Which they like a lot, this mixture creates a complete boredom, pressure and confusion. Due to which, students score bad marks in overall subjects and parents make a perception that students are either careless or weak in studies.

One more perception about this topic is, that students cannot take responsibility for the choices they make. So the question arises, how can this perception be made until the students are given a single chance at first?


A set example of this theory is Sachin Tendulkar– the God of cricket. His parents let him quit studies for cricket at very young and he gave his 100% to it and the rest is history, which the whole world knows.

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