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Signal App – WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policies related to user data share. Due to which, most users now worried about their privacy and data security. According to reports, many of WhatsApp users are now moving to other alternatives of WhatsApp instant  messaging apps like Signal or Telegram.

After rolling out new data privacy policy with FaceBook, users started uninstallation of WhatsApp, due to that Signal Instant Messaging those who commit 100% secure in Privacy and Data. Climbs on the Top Free Apps on Play Store.

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What is Signal App?

Signal App is an open source encrypted messaging service owned by the Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger. It uses internet communication, which support one to one and group messages. You can share photos, audio files, videos or video calling from the same.

The Signal App is get money from WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton previously. It is an open source app, that offer wide range of features that WhatsApp released recently.

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Recently “Elon Musk” Recommend Signal App on Twitter

After news about WhatsApp recent updates in Privacy & Data sharing. Many people share there thought on online social Media Platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Elon Musk always share his thought on Twitter by tweets. He also tweet with “Use Signal” & it become trending over on tweeter and other social media platforms.

What is WhatsApp Updated Privacy & Data Policy?

Recently WhatsApp updated its privacy & data Policy for its users. According to the new privacy & Data policy, WhatsApp going to share user info with Facebook  or other companies like –

  • User Information
  • Mobile Number & Sim Information,
  • Payment Transaction Data – WhatsApp now has payments in India
  • Service Related Information
  • Information & data on how a user interact online or what he or she search,
  • Mobile device information and location even GPS is off.
  • Facebook can collect more information at a device hardware level or which IP addresses is user using.

Why Signal app in trending on Internet?

As per the information available over on internet. Signal instant messaging app is one of the most reliable and secure end to end encrypted instant messaging app. They not share user info with other companies or data center.

Signal app not even take backup of your personal messages. As it automatically creates storage in user smartphone. Which means your data will never ever can stolen or sharable with anyone. There are more features that can proves its very much secure than other instant messaging apps currently.

Also, the one more thing it’s open source instant messaging app. Which means anyone can check it authenticity and reliability easily. They are using more transparency in this app, due to which, most of people are now seeing this Signal App as hope or much better alternative of WhatsApp.

Recent Tweets of Signal App

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