Similar to Hurricanes And Cyclones, Heatwaves Began To Bear Names, Beginning in Spain


Naming hurricanes and cyclones is a long-standing tradition. They serve as a channel for catastrophe alerts. The heatwaves has also continued to be a disaster for a while. At certain periods, their breakouts may be witnessed all over the planet. Although Spain’s weather is typically warmer than the rest of Europe, its variety and duration are expanding right now. Experts claim that there has recently been a drought in Spain and other regions of Europe. On July 24 and 25, Seville recorded maximum temperatures of 112 °F and low temperatures of 84 °F.

Nevertheless, it happens every year in Seville. Because the heatwave has been given a name for the first time, the situation is different this time. For over two weeks, Seville’s summertime temperature lingered at 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Experts claimed that the number of days in the city with high temperatures had climbed shockingly.

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Spain Names Heatwave

Recently, scientists have begun giving heatwaves names. With Spain, it all began. The heat wave caused the temperature to rise to 44 degrees Celsius. Zoe was the name of the heatwave. The heatwave’s effects were felt between July 24 and July 27. The Spanish city of Seville has been overtaken by the heat, according to José Mara Martin Olala, an assistant professor in the department of physics at the University of Seville. The promoter Seville Project gave the heatwave its name. Its goals are to rate heatwaves and increase knowledge.

The Spanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) states that during a heatwave, temperatures are tracked for at least three days. The heats will be given male and female names alternating, according on the word on the street. For this, meteorologists will go in reverse alphabetical order. The first name selected on the list is Zoe. The remainder of the heatwave will likewise be named after this. The next heatwaves will go by the names Yago, Xenia, Wenslaw, and Vega, according to a story in TIME.

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