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How to enable dark mode in Whatsapp

So hi guys, I hope you are well. Today I am going to give you some tips about “How to enable dark mode in Whatsapp”? As we know the dark mode option is available across all android and ios devices.

As many of us waiting for this option for a long time. And whats app is also planning for the activation of dark mode for a long time. Now, this mode is rolled out and many people received the update with regard to this.

But many people are a little bit confused in “How to enable dark mode in Whatsapp”.

Due to which, I just tried to educate people about how you can easily apply the dark mode features with the help of this article.

So let’s go steps of “How to enable dark mode in Whatsapp?” …

Step 1 – Whatsapp Dark Mode

The first step to just open your WhatsApp application, either it will be android or ios smartphones. Now go to the chat section and you can see the 3 dot icon, simply press the same. You can find the same behind the search icon and then one drop-down menu is opening.

Step 2

In this step, you can see the “Settings” and you have to select the same. And it shows your profile name and followed by it has some settings. So here you can go to “Chat” settings and the second one.

And in this chat section, you can go to “Theme” and this option is placed under the “Display” section and the first one.

Final Step

So here it shows three categories and the first one is “Set by battery saver” and “Light” and “Dark”. So If you get the dark mode settings, so if you want to activate it simply you can select the “Dark” option and the third one and then click to “ok”.

And then you can see your WhatsApp dark mode feature is successfully activated.

What is the use of Dark Mode?

So what is the use of this dark mode?. Just imagine if you’re a WhatsApp lover and if you using this app in the night time, maybe your screen brightness will disturbing your eyes.

So to avoid this kind of situation, they release this dark mode and this dark mode has low light density. So it doesn’t affect your eyes. So this is the main advantage of this dark mode.

I hope you like my article on “How to enable dark mode in Whatsapp?”

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