Striker Skills And Tricks You Must Know Before Playing Carrom Online

Do you love to play carrom? Do you know that the carrom board game originated in India in the 18th century?

Carrom is one of the most popular indoor games not just in India but also in the whole world. It is a game of speed, accuracy, strategy, and focus. This game requires a great angle as well as the concentration and precision of a player.

Carrom is played with small wooden and plastic discs also known as carrom coins and a hard plastic striker on a polish board. A total of 19 carrom coins were included in the game out of which 9 carrom coins are black in color, 9 carrom coins are white in color, and 1 queen with pink or red color. The value of the queen carrom coin is higher than other carrom coins. 

You can play many different games in the carrom. This game is played with friends and family at several celebrations or festival moments. In this digital world, you can play carrom online too with many other opponents all over the world. There are many online gaming platforms available that provide carrom or an opportunity to earn real money while playing online games including carrom such as MPL, Getmega, Gamezy, Playerzpot, Baazi Mobile Gaming, etc.

One of the most important parts of a carrom game is its striker. The whole game depends on a player’s way of dealing with the striker. If a player plays this game casually and starts hitting the striker randomly, then he or she will lose the game. There are many tips and tricks available with the help of which you can win the carrom game.

Striker Skills And Tricks:

Following are some of the important tips and tricks you should know to win a carrom game before you play online carrom cash.

  1. Starting Point: It is very essential to know the first move you are making in a carrom game. It is very important for a player to strike at the right place at the beginning of the game. As the experts advise, one should try to pocket his or her carrom coins from the very beginning, and to do so you need to strike diagonally to the center and make the opposite carrom coin to pocket.
  2. Finger Movements: It is one of the most common mistakes done by many players that they switch fingers in between the game. A should choose his or her strong finger to flick the striker and stick to that particular finger in the whole game. A player should make sure that his or her hand and fingers are steady before flicking the striker. The movements of fingers will decide the strikers’ moving ways.
  3. Practice Before Play for Real: You should have heard that practice makes a man perfect. Before playing carrom cash online, you should practice more to make a perfect strike or determine the angles. During practice, don’t mind the rules, just practice to strike properly.
  4. Players Attitude: With a proper winning attitude, you can win not just carrom cash online games but any game in the world. You need to remember why you are playing and how to achieve that goal. It is always advisable to play cool or play with proper mental health, especially in tough times.
  5. Rebound Shot or Double Shot: If you know how to play carrom, then you must have seen or know the rebound shot. You need to strike the striker with full force towards the opposite boundary and make the striker rebound towards your carrom coin in such a way that it will reach the pocket.
  6. Coin to Coin Pocket or Corner Coin Shot: This is one of the most technical shots that require more practice than other shots. In this particular shot, you need to strike the striker in such a way that it will hit one carrom coin corner and move towards another coin and make both the coins to the pocket. With the help of this shot, you can pocket 2 coins at the same time and can win cash online games easily.
  7. Center to Pocket: It is one of the most common shots that you can practice. When there are one or two coins placed in the middle of the board or at the center, then you need to put your striker at the end of your baseline and hit the center coin diagonally towards the opposite pocket. You can learn these skills by playing carrom cash on an online gaming platform.


If you love to play carrom games daily then it will help you keep your mind focused, active, and concentrated, resulting in a good and immediate response to different thighs and people. By playing with cash online, you can earn real money. You can always play this game on gaming platforms. Where you can learn and earn more.


Online Money Making Games are subject to market risks. Before playing any kind of money making games be make sure yourself and play it at your own risk. This article is just for informational purposes. We are not responsible for any kind of losses or damages.

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