Suddenly a Unique Rainbow Appeared, The Viewers Were Stunned, and The Video Went Viral on Twitter


Nature frequently displays breathtaking landscapes that may make people jump for excitement or leave them speechless. Similar circumstances were witnessed in China, where a rainbow-like change in cloud colour was captured on camera and is now going viral on social media. A lot of folks were astounded when they saw this rainbow in China’s sky.

Although you must have seen rainbows in the sky frequently, you have not yet seen one like this. A peculiar rainbow was spotted on August 21 in Haikou, a city in the Chinese province of Hainan, according to the viral video. It appears like the clouds’ hue has changed when viewed in relation to the rainbow.

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The Video of This Scene Went Viral On Twitter

Rainbow scarf cloud in Haikou city, China, was the description for the video submitted by Twitter user @Earthlings10m. More than 27.1 million, or 2.7 crore, people have seen the video, and more than 4000 individuals have retweeted it. This nine-second film is incredibly popular.

Looking at the footage, it appears as though a rainbow ring has formed above the ominous clouds, who appear to be donning a crown. It also goes by the name “Colored Scarf Cloud.” Observing such a rainbow in the sky is pretty uncommon, but it is not impossible either. It is known as a “scarf cloud” or “pilus.”

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