Take Part in the Amazon Quiz Competition on January 18 and Win up to 20000

Amazon quiz competition

Once again, Amazon has brought its Daily Amazon Quiz Competitions. Those who want to participate in this quiz competition. So you can quickly register on Amazon. There are a lot of daily quiz competitions coming on Amazon. You can also win a lot of prizes by participating in these quiz competitions. Amazon In Quiz Competition carries rewards like cashback, extra bonus, cash.

About Today Quiz Competition

As you know, every time Amazon asks only five questions in its quiz competition, whose correct answer is the penalty. If all questions are answered correctly. So you reach the next stage i.e. lucky draw.

The winner is selected after reaching the lucky draw. And who is the winner? He will be given an amount of 20,000 on behalf of the prize from Amazon.

If you want to participate in your Amazon quiz competition, then you should register on Amazon now. After registering you will go to Amazon’s home page. There you will scroll down that page and below you will get the option of the quiz, by clicking on it you can participate in the Amazon quiz competition.

Today Quiz Competition Question and Answer

Amazon keeps bringing this quiz competition on a daily basis. In this quiz, you only have to answer 5 questions correctly, and after that, you can win up to 20000 rewards. Answers to all these questions are given in the option. Out of which, you have to choose the right option and give the correct answer.

From which you have to choose the correct answer for all these questions. After this, you pass the quiz competition, after passing it you enter the lucky draw. Where the winner is selected, through a lucky draw. The winner is selected in the lucky draw itself.

Questions and Answer

1)  Recently released by Om Birla, ‘The Shaurya Unbound’ is a book about the velour of which of these forces.

Answer. CRPF

2) Which company in the plow claimed that it would set up the world’s largest scooter factory in Tamil Nadu?

Answer. Ola

3) Alex Olmedo, who died recently, was a legendary tennis player of which country?

Answer. Peru

4) What does this bird symbolize in the culture of the world?

Answer. Happiness

5) This news company is headquartered in which country?

Answer. UK

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