The 6 Best Movies Of All Time (According To IMDb)

It’s hard to rank the best movies of all time since there are so many factors that go into making a list. However, casino online Canada is considered one of the best online casinos taking into consideration all casino specialties. Since the ratings of films are the most important factor in determining a list’s popularity, it’s possible that the list compiled by the website could be regarded as the best of its kind.

Since it became a popular website for movie information, IMDb has maintained its top 30 list of best films for a long time. The list is based on the ratings of millions of viewers. Although the list changes constantly, the top films have remained the same for a long time.

The 6 Best Movies Of All Time (According To IMDb)

Back To The Future (1985)

There have been many time travel movies released over the years, but none of them used the concept as effectively as Back To The Future. In the film, Michael J. Fox plays the role of Marty McFly, who is sent back in time to the 1950s by his scientist friend Doc Brown.

The movie is full of science-fiction and comedy, and it’s a great adventure that’s timeless. Fox and Lloyd create a charming duo, and the entire Back To The Future trilogy is very popular.

Star Wars (1977)

Although it’s not considered to be the best in the series, Star Wars is still regarded as the movie that started the most successful movie franchise in history. The movie introduced fans to a galaxy far, far away and established its iconic character.

Even though it’s been almost 40 years since the release of Star Wars, it’s still easy to see how the movie has blown audiences away. It’s full of great action and comedy, and it’s an endless entertaining space adventure.

Interstellar (2014)

One of the most passionate filmmakers in the world is Christopher Nolan. Despite the lackluster box office results of his previous movies, fans still regarded Interstellar as one of the best films of all time.

Matthew McConaughey plays a man who leaves his family behind to go on a space mission in the film. It’s full of great performances and beautiful visual effects. The movie is regarded as a modern science-fiction masterpiece.

The Green Mile (1999)

Despite not being one of Stephen King’s most popular works, The Green Mile is still considered to be one of the best movies of all time. Tom Hanks plays a prison guard in the film. He begins to fall in love with a new inmate, played by Michael Clarke Duncan.

The film is full of great performances, and it’s a moving story about the lives of prison guards. It also features a great performance by Tom Hanks.

Life Is Beautiful (1997)

It’s very challenging to create a story that’s full of uplifting and uplifting elements while also dealing with tragedy and heartbreak. However, with the help of Life Is Beautiful, fans were able to connect with the characters and the story.

A film by Roberto Benigni, which was written and directed by the actor, is about a Jewish man and his son who were both victims of the Holocaust during the Second World War. The father tries to convince his son that they’re in the middle of a big game.

City Of God (2002)

It took a special international movie to reach a chord with audiences around the world, and City of God was no different. The story revolves around two young children in Rio de Janeiro. One of them wants to become a photographer, while the other is a criminal.

The movie is full of dark and unsettling elements, but it also features engaging energy. It’s a stylish adventure that doesn’t shy away from the story’s ugly aspects.


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