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As of today, the Android phone is mostly used by the people and android apps are required to operate the smartphone. Some of the best accordance the usability and customer reviews and ratings. We prefer to pick 5 best android apps, that easy to understand and because lot’s of apps in single article create the confusion. Hope so you like the way.

Below are the best android apps, as we choose by good ratings and reviews.

1. Google Assistant (Best Android Apps)

Google Assistant is an artificial virtual assistant made by Google. That is available for Android & crafty smart devices. Such as, the company’s prior virtual assistant. Google Assistant may participate in two-way interactions.

Assistant launched, as part of Google’s Allo messaging app and voice-activated Google Home voice speaker in May 2016.

As part of Google’s Allo messaging app, and its Google Home voice-enabled speaker. It launched to be deployed on other Android devices of February 2017. Such as 3rd-party smartphones and Android devices (now Wear OS). After, an era of exclusivity on the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. But was published, as a separate app on the iOS operating system in May 2017.

In relation to the official release in April 2017 of a software development kit. The Assistant has and is being expanded to support a broad variety of devices. Including cars and smart home electronics from 3rd parties and may also improve the Assistant’s usability.

In 2017, further than 400 million devices are mounted on Google Assistant. Users communicate mainly through natural voice to Google Assistant. Even though keyboard input is also supported. The Assistant may search the Internet. Schedule events and alarms, adjust hardware settings on the device of both the user. And report information from the Google account of the customer. In the same way but in the same manner as Google Now. Google also announced the capacity of that same assistant. Define objects and receive visual data through the camera of a device and support. The buy and sending of products and the identification of songs.

2. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is Microsoft’s greatest swipe keyboard. Its keyboard is having to learn your writing style, and you can type more easily. Type or send emojis, GIFs and much more use your custom keyboard. The SwiftKey swipe keyboard, such as the slang, nicknames, and emoji, are always learning and adapting to fit your typing technique. The designed-in emoji keyboard has the emoji that you are going to have or worse. SwiftKey is learning your favorite emojis so you can always give the correct reactions to your friends.

SwiftKey serves all typing tastes and offers free themes and designs to fit any style. The custom keyboard provides helpful predictions and autocorrecting that works, so you can easily your message across without errors. Type or text to swipe-to-type, whatever you’d like. Swift key operating in more than 300 languages.

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3. Google News

Google News is a highly intelligent news app that arranges what’s happening in the world to help you understand something about the stories. The tab For You makes it much easier to stay up-to-date in one spot on it all you worry about.

Five narratives that Google News may have arranged even though you are updating your briefing during the day. Your briefing includes a variety of the most important national news stories As well as the latest updates you are involved in for the topics. A full picture about how a story is investigated from either a wide range of sources is given by the’ Full coverage ‘ feature. You will also see top stories from various sources, videos, local news reports, FAQs, news observation, social commentary, and even a timeline of story incidents that developed with just one tap.

The tab News stories contain an uncensored view of both the world’s leading news articles. You may dig into additional parts on tech news, business news, sports news, world news and much more. It’s tab Newsstand makes it easier to find and trying to follow the facts you confide simple, and surfing and discover new ones. More than 1,000 journal titles can be made available in a mobile-optimized read layout.

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4. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a resource manager. That is available and fully operational. Over 300 million worldwide downloads. Android’s prominent document manager trend. It promotes 30 + languages at the moment. It operates like most of these apps into one like file manager, application manager, task killer, cloud storage client, It gives access to images, songs, video, records, as well as other folders on both your Android devices and computers, so you can easily access them to your 3 G, 4 G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi friends.

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5. Google Drive

Google Drive is a safe space to connect your files from whatever smartphone, tablet or computer. Drive documents–like your videos, photos, and documents–were safely backed up because you can’t lose them. You can easily invite everyone else to view, edit, or post comments in any of your documents or folders once there.

Best in:-

  • Safely for storing your data
  • Access your files and folder from anywhere / anytime.
  • Easy to share with anyone.

Hope so you like this article, we trying to figure out more Android apps in our next post. Till then, keep exploring more ideas and information on Google.

best android apps

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