The Best UFC Prop Bets

The Best UFC Prop Bets

Making UFC picks goes beyond betting on the winner. Like other sports, UFC offers an array of prop bets from which to choose. Since prop bets focus on specific match outcomes, they offer a creative way for fans and bettors to savor the action.

UFC betting continues to become more popular, and the organization recently partnered with U.S. Integrity, a sports integrity monitoring company, to improve its status. As the UFC continues to gain fame, 10 UFC prop bets will regularly be attractive.

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Over/Under Total Rounds

UFC offers its version of over/under. Bettors can wager on how many rounds a bout will go. For instance, bettors can wager about going over or under 3½ rounds. Oddsmakers set these lines before preliminary, undercard, or main event fights.

Exact Rounds

This prop bet type wagers on the exact number of rounds a bout will go. Odds are set according to likely outcomes. For instance, a fight to end in the first round may have +500 odds. These odds indicate that it’s unlikely the round will end in round one. Similarly, +150 odds suggest oddsmakers feel the fight will likely end by that round.

Round-by-Round Winner

Bettors can pick winners by round. For instance, picking the round one winner is a highly entertaining prop bet. Odds are set for each round. Wagering on individual rounds can make a great live betting strategy. Bettors can place bets on the following round based on the previous round’s outcome.

Winner by Submission

This prop is highly popular. Bettors can wager to see if the match will end in a submission. Additionally, bettors can choose which fighter will win by submission. This prop bet is especially useful when top submission fighters are on.

Fight Going the Distance

This prop bet is relatively straightforward. Bettors choose if the fight goes through the complete rounds. As a result, the fight must end entirely for the bet to be successful. The bet is unsuccessful if the fight ends in a submission or KO.

Winner Inside the Distance

“Inside the distance” means bettors expect the winner to end the fight before the final bell. Bettors must pick the fighter to win before the fight fully ends. The winning method does not matter. 

What matters is that the fighter does not win by a decision. When the fight ends is a decision, it means it is fully finished, and the judges have declared the winner. Therefore, the wager is unsuccessful.

Winner by KO or TKO

Like “winner by submission,” winner by KO or TKO requires the fight to end in a knockout or technical knockout before the final bell. This prop bet is popular with heavy hitters and strong strikers. If the fight ends in any other way, this bet is unsuccessful.

The fight Ends in a Draw

It may take a lot of work to pick a winner sometimes. That is why bettors can choose to wager on the fight ending in a draw. Nevertheless, experience shows that UFC bouts rarely end in a draw. That is why oddsmakers assign longshot odds to fights ending in a draw. Betting on a draw is an uncommon wager but a fun one, to be sure.

Winner by Decision

Betting on a winner by decision is a relatively safe bet. Choosing “winner by the decision” works well with two evenly-matched fighters. Bear in mind there are situations in which oddsmakers can’t fully make up their minds. So, they assign close odds.

When spotting close odds, it means oddsmakers could have gone either way. At that point, choosing a winner by decisions seems almost like a guaranteed bet.

A Final Thought

UFC prop bets are a great way to add excitement to traditional moneyline wagers. Props are fun and intended to be creative. However, placing high hopes on props can be dangerous. Since props depend on highly specific outcomes, getting these wagers right can be tricky.

With time and practice, getting props right becomes easier. In the meantime, study the numbers and available betting information before jumping into the next prop.


Casino / Gambling related or other online money making games can be risky and there are chances that you can lose your hard earned money. So play it at your own risk or safely. This article is just for informational purposes.

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